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80% of people don’t know the “cold knowledge” of electric bicycles

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There are many people who ride bicycles, but there are not many people who know bicycles. Do you really understand the "cold knowledge" of these electric bicycles? The editor of PXID electric bicycle design below will share with you.

Do I have to recharge the battery after it runs out?

The life of a lead-acid battery is related to the number of charging and discharging. Ordinary maintenance-free lead-acid batteries have a limited number of cycles of charging and discharging. If you wait for the power to run out and recharge each time, the battery life will be shortened.

Does the self-repair fluid for electric vehicle tires work?

The biggest role of the tire repair fluid is to block the wound of the tubeless tyre. It is generally suitable for small breaches below 1 cm. If the breach is too large, it will not have much effect. In addition, if the tires and steel rims are soaked in the chemical liquid for a long time, it will cause chemical damage.

What is the black arrow on the electric bicycle tire?

80% of people don’t know the "cold knowledge" of electric bicycles

This black arrow indicates that you should install the tire in the direction indicated by the arrow when replacing the tire. If it is installed backwards, it will accelerate the wear of the tire, reduce the braking distance, and even cause an accident.

Why can the tires of electric bicycles run on the pegboard?

This situation is mostly seen in the product demonstration of merchants. There are two main reasons why the tires are not broken after the nails: one is that the nails are very dense and form a certain area; the other is that the nail head is not sharp. People still need to pay attention to avoid nails sticking to the tires in their daily riding.

Are there self-powered electric bicycles?

At present, the so-called self-powered electric bicycles in the market of electric bicycle design are all fooling people. According to the law of conservation of energy, external force or additional energy must be applied to generate electrical energy. If the electric vehicle can generate electricity by itself, it means that the electric vehicle is equipped with a small power generating device.

Can battery repair extend battery life?

Battery repair can only solve a small part of the problem. For example, the battery just loses water, vulcanization passivation, it can be repaired, but if the battery is severely swollen, deformed, or the lead powder of the battery plate is severely peeled off, it is impossible to repair it again.