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Super stylish! The Q1 electric scooter that travels freely

pxid 2021-04-08 97 times

If you want to travel in a more stylish way, then hurry up and learn about the PXID-Q1 electric scooter. Although its model is small, it has very powerful performance. It can not only fully meet the travel needs of users, but also become a powerful sports equipment. .

As the types of travel equipment become more and more, people are paying more and more attention to the choice of travel equipment. In order to meet the high requirements of users for travel, emerging smart transportation equipment has become more and more powerful. For example, the following electric scooter.

From the appearance alone, the model of Q1 electric scooter is very small. Although such a small travel equipment can avoid the interference of traffic jams and make travel more casual and free, is it really capable of our daily travel? Don’t underestimate the Q1. Its high-performance hub motor enables riders to ride on the street at a speed of 25km/h without any effort, with a large load of 100kg and a large climbing angle of 15°. The small car body is like a small universe full of explosive power.

Super stylish! The Q1 electric scooter that travels freely

What is afraid of riding electric travel equipment? Naturally, the battery pack is exhausted and there is no electricity. Whether it is a cart or carrying it, it is quite embarrassing and troublesome. The battery pack of the electric scooter adopts an external detachable design, which can be replaced anytime and anywhere without the help of any means of transportation; at the same time, it is also equipped with a power display to quickly and effectively understand the remaining power. When traveling, you can roughly estimate your travel distance. If you exceed the battery life of a set of batteries, you may wish to carry a set of batteries with you and replace them immediately when the battery is about to run out. This way, you can successfully avoid the embarrassment of dropping anchor in the middle of the road.

After a day of work and study, do you feel like you’ve been hollowed out and lose your vitality? After sitting for a long time, it’s time to stand up and move your body. Stepping on Q1 to ride, it will definitely make you vital Full. It’s very busy during the day, so use the time to ride at night. Compared with going to the gym in a hurry, riding an electric scooter will start as long as you go out, which can save a lot of unnecessary trouble. It is equipped with high-intensity lighting headlights at the front and rear of the body. Not only does it require no own lighting equipment for night riding, but also can fully attract the attention of other passers-by through the lights, avoid collisions and ensure safety.

It can be said that the Q1 electric scooter is a transportation tool developed for the needs of urban people for travel and quality of life. It can allow users to re-understand urban travel and avoid all kinds of urban travel problems.