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One person, one vehicle, safe travel | Come and get your exclusive electric scooter

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For those of you who have gradually resumed work, do you have a headache looking at the crowded people in the bus and subway? Not only must check in on time, but also travel safely! How to do? PXID scooter design company is here to tell you one person, one vehicle, safe travel! Here is a guide for choosing a car, please check it carefully!

1. Budget and cost performance

First of all, how to buy a good electric car when the budget is limited? At present, domestic two-wheel electric vehicles are mainly divided into four types: mini type, new national standard type, multi-function type and luxury high-equipped electric vehicle. Among them, the best-selling price is between 2,000 yuan and 6,000 yuan, and there are quite a few models to choose from according to the budget.

Among them, the cheapest mini and new national standard electric vehicles are generally lightweight, compact, well-designed, simple in shape, and compatible with their sexual functions, safe and practical, and are very suitable for young people such as white-collar office workers and students.

The relatively high-priced multi-function and luxury electric vehicles are generally recognized at a glance in their styling design, whether it is domineering front display instrumentation, cool front and rear lights, or various intelligent operations and other humanized designs. A variety of functional applications and details are readily available, demonstrating the courage of the owner.

2. Look at the 4 major parts of electric vehicles

With a proper budget, you should also pay attention to the "four major items" of electric vehicles when purchasing electric vehicles, namely, motors, controllers, batteries, and chargers. As the most critical component of an electric vehicle, the quality of the four major parts directly affects the user's driving experience and safety.

For example, whether the motor of the electric car you buy is brushless or brushed, high speed or low speed. Among them, high-speed motors are mostly used in high-end electric vehicles due to the advantages of high efficiency, sufficient power, super climbing ability and long endurance. In contrast, the controller of one of the four major parts of electric vehicles is also very important. Since most electric vehicles currently on the market are equipped with brushless motors, and the current commutation of the brushless motors directly tests the performance of the controller, the performance of the controller also directly affects the reliability of the motor.

Similarly, the purchase of an electric vehicle depends on whether the battery is lead-acid or lithium, whether it is 36V12Ah, 64v20Ah or 48V12Ah/20Ah. Different batteries have different battery life, lifespans, and prices. And of course, the original charger should be the first choice to provide protection for the safety performance of the vehicle.

3. Braking is critical

When buying an electric car, safety is always the first concern for everyone. Here is a reminder that the braking performance of electric vehicles is critical. First of all, as the braking device of electric vehicles, the brakes depend on it to ensure safety during riding. Especially when the vehicle speed is too fast or downhill, or when the road is slippery on rainy days, the brakes of the electric vehicle are reliable, which is completely related to the life and property safety of the rider.

One person, one vehicle, safe travel | Come and get your exclusive electric scooter

In addition, the quality of the tires matched with the brakes also plays a decisive role in the safety of outdated electric bicycle riding. For example, when inferior car tires encounter slag sections, they are prone to puncture, which can easily cause traffic accidents, which is extremely dangerous for electric vehicle users.

4. Pro-test and pro-ride on-demand selection

Different user groups have different needs for electric vehicles. Although many platforms have recommendations, when buying a car, you still have to choose according to your own preferences, such as color, style, brand, price, and features. It would be great if you could experience it by yourself.

When buying an electric vehicle in an offline store to test the riding experience in person, you need to pay attention to several points, such as whether the brakes are reliable, whether the seat cushion is comfortable, whether there is enough space when the pedal is bent, whether the motor is running smoothly, and whether the battery level is displayed It is normal, whether the sound of the wheel hub is quiet, and so on.

In addition, for models that meet the new national standard vehicle specifications, attention should be paid to whether the motor power, vehicle weight/volume, pedal assist function, speed and other factors are compliant. For high-power electric vehicles and even electric motorcycles, the concern is whether the various functions are used normally.

5. After-sales warranty is also very important

All along, we have repeatedly emphasized the importance of after-sales warranty for electric vehicles. why? For example, everyone has had this experience: buying a favorite electric car, but it was difficult to find a manufacturer for maintenance and testing when a problem occurred in the later period.

Especially before the introduction of the new national standard policy, that is, before this year, the electric vehicle market was chaotic. All kinds of illegal electric vehicles were rampant, rough and poorly made or quality could not be guaranteed. This brought great car purchases to consumers. Hidden dangers. Therefore, when buying a car, look at whether the after-sales guarantee is guaranteed.

Here, PXID scooter design company would like to remind everyone that when buying an electric car, you must choose an electric car with a trusted brand, good after-sales service, and high reputation. For example, whether there is a unified national after-sales service, whether the online and offline service system is guaranteed, and whether the "three guarantees" period of the national joint guarantee is complete.

All in all, after looking at the above 5 key points for purchasing electric vehicles, I believe that everyone will have standards for purchasing electric vehicles in the future, and successfully buy the safe and satisfactory cars they need.