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What problems should be paid attention to when buying an electric scooter so as not to be fooled?

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Speaking of buying electric scooters, the editor of PXID Scooter Design Company really has a stomach for talking with you. The first thing I want to share with you is the importance of having a salesperson who can fool you in offline stores of electric vehicles. I have long heard that a good salesman must have a sharp tooth. Sure enough, in a car buying experience, the author encountered the so-called "excellent" sales. Let me recall what happened: Once, I was idle. I was bored, thinking about going to an offline electric car store to find out about the market, and by the way, I found some writing materials. As soon as I entered the store, I saw a relatively familiar electric car, so the editor started an awkward chat with the salesperson.

"How much is this car?" "3800, you bought it today just in time for the event, there is a discount, it can be 200 yuan cheaper, and give you a car lock, a raincoat, how suitable!" The shopping guide girl immediately greeted with a smile on her face Coming up, "This car is our current flagship car. It is selling well. We sold six cars yesterday." "Then how far does this car run on a single charge?" "It runs 80km on a normal charge, this car I use XX brand platinum black diamond ink olefin battery. You must have heard that CCTV broadcasts its advertisements every day. If you buy it, you can rest assured that it will not be a problem to use it for 3-5 years." For an electric motor that can run 80km The author expressed doubts about the scooter. After all, in the various tests before, the cruising range of many 60V20Ah models is only about 60Km. Obviously, the salesperson is talking nonsense.

In the subsequent conversation, I ran a train full of mouths. The topics of graphene batteries and unsafe lithium batteries were all mixed up, and I kept telling the editor that you don’t know anything about electric scooters, so please listen to me. wrong! At that time, the editor had a sentence in his heart: "I believe you are a ghost!" The conversation ended hastily.

Today, the editor of PXID scooter design company shares with you some problems related to electric vehicles based on experience and accumulated problems. If you encounter such problems when buying a car next time, you can also avoid the pit in time.

01 Battery problems

In terms of electric vehicle batteries, people often have misunderstandings of one kind or another, such as: recharging after the battery is exhausted is beneficial to prolonging battery life; graphene batteries are more environmentally friendly and durable than lead-acid batteries; lithium batteries are immature, stable and stable. Poor life expectancy, flammable and explosive; lead-acid batteries will be "starved" if they are not used for a long time, while lithium batteries will not. To be honest, the existence of such an idea is not an objective cognition, but is wrong and one-sided. The lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries used in electric vehicles do not have the problem of memory effect, so you can charge them as you use them.

What problems should be paid attention to when buying an electric scooter so as not to be fooled?

However, lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries have poor tolerance to deep discharge. Overdischarge will cause irreversible battery damage, and the exhaustion of battery power will greatly reduce battery life. As for graphene batteries that are more environmentally friendly and durable than lithium batteries, and the immature lithium battery technology causes poor stability, these cannot be generalized. Lithium batteries are flammable and explosive. To a certain extent, this statement is true. After all, this is determined by the principle of the battery. However, the lithium batteries on the market have complete protection measures, including steel shells, protective plates and safety valves, which can minimize the explosion of the battery's internal pressure. For qualified lithium batteries, the risk of fire and explosion is extremely low.

02 Problems with battery life

In terms of battery life, scooter design companies still have different opinions, which are mainly reflected in the following points: the merchant’s nominal range is not up to the false propaganda; battery capacity is positively related to battery life, so the bigger the battery, the better . In theory, the larger the battery capacity, the greater the battery life, which is fine, but the battery is only one aspect that affects the battery life. Factors such as motor efficiency, vehicle conditions, road conditions, load, tire pressure, driving habits and ambient temperature will all have an impact on battery life. In fact, it is difficult for us to encounter such an ideal situation in our daily riding. In addition to the different driving habits of different consumers, it is natural that there is a gap between the actual perceived battery life and the nominal battery life.

03 Other issues

Of course, there will be other problems when purchasing electric vehicles. Today, the scooter design company also lists a solution. Big brand electric cars are often expensive and low, because they need to flatten the advertising fees of the stars; electric cars don’t need maintenance and are only repaired when they break down; test rides are more reliable than looking at the parameter introduction; the original charger must be better than a third party The charger is good. Big brands have high prices and low prices, which is just the appearance. Inviting celebrities to do publicity will indeed increase the cost of the vehicle, but the dilution to each vehicle is actually quite limited, and the high quality of the materials and craftsmanship of the big brand models will significantly increase the cost of the product, and will not be diluted by the volume. The investment in design has jointly created the appearance of "high price and low distribution".

For the maintenance of electric scooters, we should check and maintain them in time, because electric vehicles have hidden safety hazards as a means of transportation. Regular maintenance can not only eliminate potential failures and hidden dangers of the vehicle, but also extend the service life. Test rides can understand the driving experience of the vehicle to a certain extent, but cannot obtain key information such as vehicle battery life, reliability and long-term riding comfort. Therefore, the author supports users to experience the product offline, but the relevant parameters of the vehicle must not be ignored. Generally speaking, the official will strongly recommend everyone to use the original charger. If you have a reliable source of the product and make sure that it matches your own battery, the effect of a third-party charger will even be better than the original charger.