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Electric bicycles will shake, make abnormal noises, and decrease battery life when riding.. What are these phenomena?

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Have you ever encountered such a problem: the electric bike is not climbing well, or the bike suddenly shakes when riding, there are abnormal noises in the rear wheel, or the battery life of the electric bike is reduced, and the battery still does not get better after changing the battery. .....

If you have encountered these problems, it is very likely that your electric car motor has demagnetized. Disassemble the motor at this time, you will find that the inside has been rusty.

So, what caused the demagnetization of the motor? Is there any way to avoid it? Next, PXID electric bicycle design company will answer these two questions for everyone. What caused the demagnetization of the motor?

First of all, we need to understand the composition of the motor. The motor is mainly composed of stator, rotor, coil, magnetic steel sheet, Hall element and other parts. Demagnetization of the motor refers to the weakening of the magnetic steel sheet. To say that the culprit leading to demagnetization is high temperature and water ingress.

1. High temperature

The electric motor is located on the rear wheel of the electric vehicle, and is responsible for converting the electrical energy stored in the battery into mechanical energy, so that the electric bicycle can run. In this process, a lot of heat is generated.

At present, almost all electric bicycle motors on the market are cooled by the wind generated during riding. The air cooling efficiency is low, and the internal temperature of the motor will rise quickly. In a long-term high temperature environment, the magnetism of the magnetic steel sheet will naturally gradually decrease.

2. Water intake

The temperature of the motor will rise when it is working, and it will drop quickly after it stops. The heat and the cold will cause the internal air to expand and contract to form a pressure difference, and the external water vapor and dust will be pressed into the motor through various tiny gaps.

Water vapor and dust are easy to get in and out, and water will appear inside the motor over time. High temperature + humidity, magnetic steel sheets containing iron elements are easy to oxidize and rust, which will cause demagnetization. If you often wade and ride, the probability of water ingress will be greater, and the demagnetization of the motor will come faster.
Is there any way to avoid it?

Electric bicycles will shake, make abnormal noises, and decrease battery life when riding.. What are these phenomena?

Now that we know that high temperature and water ingress are the two main culprits of demagnetization, we can solve the problem by prescribing the right medicine. Luyuan’s liquid-cooled motor adopts liquid-cooled cooling method, which can efficiently dissipate heat and effectively prevent water ingress. It not only effectively solves the problem of motor demagnetization, but also can be used for 6 years, as long as new.

Liquid cooling

Liquid cooling is currently a higher-end heat dissipation solution, and some high-performance computer hosts and high-end flagship mobile phones use this method. PXID electric bicycle design company has improved the internal design and structure of the motor, and can inject aviation-grade coolant into the motor. Through the liquid cooling method, the heat generated when the motor is working is dissipated to the metal shell of the motor in time to dissipate heat instead of being accumulated inside. In the same working environment, compared with ordinary motors, the internal temperature of liquid-cooled motors will be about 30 degrees lower.

In addition, the coolant is wrapped on the magnetic steel of the motor to form an insulating oxide film and also has the effect of preventing rust.

Gas exchange system

The liquid-cooled motor is also equipped with an original gas exchange system, which can absorb water when the gas flows inside and outside, and is used with a sealing ring to achieve multiple waterproof and rust prevention. Liquid-cooled motors can be regarded as a major change in the electric vehicle industry. In summary, the advantages include:

1. Waterproof, heat-proof and demagnetization, even under extreme conditions such as mountain climbing and high-speed driving, the motor will not demagnetize or burn out;

2. Significantly improve the climbing ability and long-term high-speed driving ability of electric bicycles;

3. More powerful endurance;

4. The power is more durable, and it is as long as new after 6 years of use.