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Between the male god and the passerby, there is only one F1 electric scooter

pxid 2021-04-06 273 times

Want to realize the counterattack of transforming from a passerby male portrait to a male god? Perhaps it is easier than you think. You only need a PXID-F1 electric scooter, you can not only make your travel more convenient, but also get a triple upgrade of fashion, body shape and spirit.

Male compatriots, do you want to know the gap between you and the male god? Want to know how to make yourself a male god? Then, let the F1 electric scooter help you.

When you get off work in the morning and evening, when the cars are stuck on the road and it is difficult to move, you can walk unimpeded on the electric scooter, showing your spontaneity, ease and freedom. And the scooter is more labor-saving than walking. Even if you keep riding at a speed of 25km/h, you won’t get sweaty or panting when you reach your destination.
For long-distance travel, the compact F1 electric scooter can also be brought around to take public transportation, subways and other transportation tools, so that even if you don’t travel by car, you can travel efficiently; and after getting off public transportation, you don’t have to worry about walking too long Wait for the problem, just ride and go, all you want is this refreshment!

Not only can it be more convenient to travel, the F1 electric scooter is also a rare item on the street. Its products, whether it is an electric scooter, a motorcycle or a balance scooter, are very simple, and the painting basically chooses black and white colors, which can be harmonious and unified with various styles of wear. It can add a sense of technology and sports fashion to cyclists, and become an eye-catching presence in the crowd. If there is another good car skill that is easy and comfortable, then it will definitely add more points.

Of course, long-term riding of an electric scooter makes it a common way of transportation or leisure and entertainment in daily life, and it can also enhance its image in a subtle way. As an electric travel tool, although the F1 electric scooter can give riders a more relaxed travel experience, long-term riding can also have a certain exercise effect on physical fitness, especially suitable for office workers who lack time to exercise. Help them maintain their shape (one fat destroys everything). At the same time, riding a scooter is a kind of aerobic exercise, which is very conducive to the improvement of cardiopulmonary function, enhances the agility of the nervous system, and enhances the aerobic capacity, thereby effectively reducing fatigue, making energy better, and refreshing. Well, often the appearance value will also be improved. Body shape and temperament have been improved, are you afraid that you will not be able to enter the eyes of the goddess?

Even if you don’t get an appreciation and raise your salary to the pinnacle of your life, even if you have no one who loves flowers and flowers, as long as you have the heart to become a veteran driver, then F1 electric scooters can be used regularly. Be by your side, help you pretend B like the wind, help you make your sister smile like a flower.