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Buying a car must see dry goods! About PXID transportation tool

pxid 2021-04-02 115 times

When buying a smart electric car, many people have all kinds of doubts, so today the editor of PXID scooter design company specially lists a few common problems, so that everyone can avoid detours when buying a car!

Q: Are electric scooters all smart electric vehicles?

A: No. Smart electric vehicles have an intelligent control system that can process information, control electrical systems, and power systems to enhance the user's control experience. At the same time, it also has the ability to communicate with external smart devices. For example, most models of PXID have developed exclusive riding apps that can realize various functions such as fault detection, speed regulation, and real-time data display.

Q: What types of smart electric vehicles does PXID Scooter Design Company have?

A: At present, PXID's smart electric vehicles mainly include electric scooters and electric vehicles.

Electric scooters are not only a tool for errands, but also a street fashion item.

Q: There are too many models, how to choose? Choose expensive? Or new?

A: Choose the one that suits you. Each PXID scooter model has its own characteristics, as long as you understand your actual needs, and then choose the one that can meet your needs.

Q: With so many models, is the maximum speed only 25km/h? Is there no faster one?

A: PXID scooter design company's models are basically small, light, and portable. In view of the characteristics of such models and the riding on non-motorized lanes, 25km/h is a relatively safe high speed. Of course, the country also has strict speed limit standards for such products.

If you have questions other than the above questions, you can also go to the homepage to find out directly, or call the customer service girl paper to answer in detail for you.