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Electric scooter: Although it is convenient, but I am always afraid of running out of electricity, what should I do?

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For many friends who are afraid of riding too hard, although electric scooters are convenient and labor-saving to ride, but the battery life is really limited, and there will always be no electricity on the road, which is very troublesome. Of course, it is normal to be willing, but is there no electric skateboard model that can be used without worrying about battery life?

Let the PXID scooter design company give the solution below. Naturally, it is not a simple and crude greater battery life, but a method that can flexibly cope with the battery life problems in daily travel with effective functional design.

Method 1: Spare battery pack

The core energy source of an electric scooter is the battery pack. If the battery pack is exhausted, the dead battery pack can be removed like a mobile phone or camera, and then replaced with a fully charged battery pack, so as long as you carry an extra With the battery pack, you don’t have to worry about running out of power halfway and having no countermeasures.

Of course, every electric smart car has a battery pack, but not every model can be plugged and replaced at any time like the scooters of PXID Industrial Design Company. It’s very easy to replace the battery pack. Just take out the battery pack and replace it with a fully charged battery pack. Isn’t it very easy?

This design also brings convenience to charging. In normal charging, you can use the charger to directly connect to the car body for charging, or you can remove the battery pack and connect it to the charger separately for charging. The battery pack that is removed when traveling can also be brought into the car to be charged by the on-board charger.

Method two: hitchhiking

If there is really no way to solve the problem of continuing to ride, then you can also choose to take a ride. Whether it is a ride, a bus or a taxi, it is all right, but the prerequisite for these conditions is the model you are riding. The volume is small enough to be carried directly into the car. For those bicycles that cannot be brought directly into the car, as a helper, you will never ask the car you take to bring its own special bicycle stand, right?

There are many models to choose from. The various products of PXID Scooter Design Company, whether it is a balance scooter or a scooter, basically want to seamlessly connect with other travel tools and there is no problem at all. Because this type of transportation equipment is not only foldable very compact, but the weight of the car is mostly very light, it is no problem to carry it into the car easily.

Now, do you still dare not choose electric scooters because you are worried about "half-way electricity"?