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There is a kind of self-confidence called: the easy mode of electric scooter travel

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Speaking of traveling, many of my friends must be in tears. If travel must be defined in terms of easy, normal, and hard, then it must be as follows.

Easy mode: As long as you think in your heart, you can wave anywhere!

Normal mode: As long as you choose the right mode of travel and avoid peak periods, then there is no problem.

Hard mode: Have to travel in a specific way during peak hours, difficult to drive, difficult to traffic, and all kinds of difficulties!

So, how to turn the hard mode of travel into the easy mode?

When there is a traffic jam, you have to drive to travel, which is undoubtedly the hard mode.

If you equip yourself with a new-age travel equipment that meets the requirements in all aspects, then the easy mode is not a dream!

There is a kind of self-confidence called: the easy mode of electric scooter travel

First of all, it must be small enough! Only small enough can it pass through flexibly without missing any gap under congested road conditions. Even if it is not that small, as long as the body can be folded, it can be reduced to the extent that it can be directly stored in the trunk of the car, or can be carried on the bus or subway without pressure. Of course, the good thing is that it can be folded like an electric scooter. It can be folded very easily and easily. It only takes a few steps to fold and store or unfold and ride. Isn't it happy!

Small enough is important, but the performance must also be strong enough! After all, not everyone is a young fitness expert, so you must choose the car that can easily travel when you travel.

Must have strong power, can do it without relying on manpower, you can ride easily. The speed of the electric scooter is 25km/h. Whether you ride directly from home to the company, or ride it to your destination after getting off the car, or step on it to the station, etc., it adheres to one principle: fast , Save effort, that's so awesome!

Don't think that there are few hard modes. In fact, for office workers, every day's commute is a hard mode!

Therefore, an electric scooter equipment is essential.

Of course, life is more than just working days. On weekends, you can also bring portable and powerful ones for a 4+2 outing. Easily ride the beautiful scenery and enjoy the free life of petty bourgeoisie and art. So, it’s that simple to turn on the easy mode of travel, just choose the right electric scooter!