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Travel? I choose an electric scooter, easy to use in 3 minutes

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In recent years, electric scooters have appeared in front of the public as a new transportation tool. Because they are lighter than bicycles and easier to use than skateboards, they have become a very popular green and environmentally friendly travel tool. At the same time, electric scooters are also easy to use. And the fun is quite popular with children.

Learn to ride in 3 minutes

Electric scooters are very easy to use, so it is the first choice for users who use scooters for the first time or parents who intend to use them for children. The electric scooter is equipped with many precision sensors, which can capture many small body movements, dynamically balance and adjust the posture at a speed of 200 times per second, and has the adaptability to automatically increase power when encountering obstacles (steep slopes, sands, small obstacles, etc.) , The speed is equivalent to 4 times the walking speed, is a very good means of transportation. Even novices can adapt quickly and can learn to ride in 3 minutes.

Travel? I choose an electric scooter, easy to use in 3 minutes

Lightweight, 22km battery life

In terms of appearance, the electric scooter is also very light. The strong magnesium alloy is used as the main frame. The volume is suitable for occupying a small space. It can be loaded on a family car. Take it when you go out for easy transportation. There is also an imported 18650 lithium battery. It can drive a 25km ultra-long range, and can monitor the health of each battery in real time through the BMS battery management system to ensure safe driving.

In order to provide a more user-friendly and intelligent quality experience, the electric scooter is also equipped with bicycle lights and LED tail lights. The front bicycle lights can adjust the brightness according to the external light and automatically adjust the exposure distance when accelerating.

What are you waiting for for such a stylish and easy-to-use electric scooter! Come find me and take your exclusive scooter home.