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Electric scooters explode when charging at home, how to use lithium battery products safely?

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Have a strong sense of safety. Don't wait until an accident occurs before you come to learn about safety.

Previously, a man charged the electric scooter in the living room, and suddenly there was a "bang" of smoke from the battery part of the skateboard body. The man quickly ran and unplugged the charging cable. Less than a few seconds later, the smoke was getting bigger and bigger. , Followed by an explosion. But as users of lithium battery products, we need to know some safety knowledge about the use of products:

Buy branded products and eliminate f23rom the source:

1. When choosing and purchasing lithium battery products, such as electric scooters, electric bicycles, balance bikes and other new wheeled products containing lithium batteries, remember not to be greedy for cheap, and choose safe and secure, well-known big brands.

2. Check whether the product itself or the charger has a safety certification. Generally, regular brand products, the product itself and accessories (chargers) will have corresponding safety certification standards, such as 3C, UL, etc. Regular products will have a protection system on the battery pack and charger, including overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit protection, etc. If the product or charger has a rough appearance, simple label, or even the manufacturer’s name cannot be seen, try not to use this type of product use.

3. It is best to learn about related brands through formal channels before buying. Sometimes products with high sales on e-commerce platforms may not be reliable products.

Several suggestions for the safe use of lithium battery products:

Electric scooters explode when charging at home, how to use lithium battery products safely?

After purchasing a regular brand of lithium battery products, due to factors such as the environment and usage, it is not 100% safe. Knowing some safe usage methods can minimize the risk.

1. It is best to read the product manual for certification before use. Generally, regular brands will have complete safety precautions in the manual. These precautions are not groundless, but are obtained through multiple safety tests.

2. Safely charge. Most of the fire accidents of lithium battery products happen during charging. Try not to charge indoors and avoid charging overnight. It is best to have someone nearby when charging.

3. Keep away from water sources, avoid using or charging in a humid environment, and electronic products should be kept away from water sources as much as possible.

4. Be sure to use the original charger to charge. Users who have bought electric scooters, balance bikes and other products know that most of the lithium battery products have similar charging ports. Many users mistakenly think that the same charging ports are compatible. In fact, the voltage and current of different products are different. The wrong charger is prone to accidents.

5. If a charging fire happens indoors unfortunately, under the condition of ensuring your own safety, disconnect the charging power source as soon as possible and move the product to the outdoors, and extinguish the fire with water-based fire extinguishing agent or sand.

6. A study in the United States has found that lithium battery fires are essentially caused by thermal runaway, and cooling is a key point in fire extinguishing methods. In view of the fire of lithium batteries in portable equipment, the results of screening experiments show that water-based fire extinguishing agents have the best cooling effect, while gas and dry powder fire extinguishing agents are not effective.

7. If the lithium battery product is not used for a long time, it is best to charge it once every 3 months to maintain the activity of lithium ions in the battery. Failure to charge for more than one year may cause damage to the battery.