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Electric bicycle power saving tips, too practical!

pxid 2021-03-26 183 times

The old iron who rides electric bicycles are afraid that the car will cost electricity. It clearly shows that the battery is enough for a range of 30 kilometers. Why does it run out of electricity after only 10 kilometers? Today, the PXID electric bicycle design company teaches the old irons a few tricks to save electricity.

1. The speed is controlled at 25 kilometers per hour

After safe driving test, 25 kilometers per hour is the optimal voltage output, and driving at this speed is the most energy-efficient.

2. Good at borrowing manpower

When you just start, don’t rely solely on the power of the car to start. Use manpower as much as possible. We use our pedals while accelerating, which can reduce battery power consumption. When encountering an uphill slope, you can properly use your feet to strengthen the electric vehicle, and slowly pedal the ground to reduce the load.

Electric bicycle power saving tips, too practical!

3. Take less potholes

When riding a bike, you must go around the ditch and ridge, otherwise it will cause great damage to the shock absorber of the front fork.

4. Speed up slowly

Electric bicycle design companies remind you not to increase the throttle sharply. Sudden acceleration will consume a lot of battery and motor.

5. Don't slam the brakes

Keep a certain distance from the car in front, go to the intersection, slow down, and let the inertia be the car coasting. Try to avoid sudden braking to extend battery and motor life.

I believe the old irons have already learned the few tricks that are not difficult to operate. As long as they are used properly in normal riding, the power consumption will be much less.