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Why is electric scooter a revolution in public transportation?

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Electric vehicles have become the main means of transportation in many countries and regions for many years, or exist in crowded city streets that need to travel quickly. Until the emergence of small, foldable electric scooters, the revolution in public transportation has officially begun!

"What is the key point that can truly revolutionize electric vehicles?" "What really makes me feel cumbersome is the electric cars with lead-acid batteries. These really need to be eliminated. For example, the electric cars with seats that your grandma drove. It moves slowly, the technology is very old, and it is completely incompatible with ergonomics. , And electric wheelchairs are the same." One thing I am certain is that urban traffic definitely needs to be improved, and better solutions need to be provided.

Why is electric scooter a revolution in public transportation?

How to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible is the pressure on cities in Europe. Crowded urban traffic, taxis, cars and trucks are the main culprits. Electric vehicles are currently the best solution. If we can show you that we only consume 7.5 watts of electricity for 1 kilometer and have zero emissions, we can tell you how many tons of carbon emissions can be reduced by electric vehicles each year.

To provide solutions to cities, we need to obtain legal support and allow the law to recognize it as a means of transportation. In the near future, we can see that the government will give tax-free concessions or rewards for the number of travel miles that individuals contribute to the city's zero emissions. This will be a milestone in the widespread acceptance of electric scooters.