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Why is the battery dead when the electric scooter is not used?

pxid 2021-03-25 179 times

I believe that many of our friends’ electric bikes have been idle, but when we cycled on the road again, we found a strange problem! Why didn’t the electric bikes be used and the batteries were dead?

Today, PXID Scooter Design Company brought you the answer. What is the culprit? Let's take a look!

1. The characteristics of the battery are affected, but the impact is very small.

The battery itself will self-discharge. Of course, this factor has very little effect. For example, a 12V series battery, the voltage after fully charged and static is generally not less than 13.20V. If the battery is not installed in the car, it will only be stored statically, even if it is stored In 2 months, its quiescent voltage will not be lower than 12.90V (conservative value).

Why is the battery dead when the electric scooter is not used?

2. The leakage of electric vehicles should not be underestimated.

No matter how good the insulation effect is, this phenomenon is widespread. Electric vehicles cannot achieve 100% insulation. Therefore, even if the power lock is turned off, a small current will flow. Use a high-precision ammeter to test in series. Some vehicles will have at least 0.01A current. This means that when the electric vehicle is not riding, it discharges at all times, and the discharge varies with the ambient temperature and humidity. In addition, the electric vehicles of scooter design companies are becoming more and more intelligent, and equipment such as anti-theft and positioning equipment consumes electricity all the time. Assuming that a 12Ah battery has a storage period of 15 days, 0.015A × 24 hours × 15 days = 5.4Ah, which means that at least 5.4Ah of capacity has been lost due to leakage within 15 days, which is really not to be underestimated. The accuracy of the ammeter used daily is not high, and the value is not displayed during the test, which is very easy to be ignored.

3. Improper use and storage methods of daily electric scooters have a great impact.

Electric scooters are everyone's daily necessities, and many friends don't store them fully charged after riding. For example, if we don’t use it for 1-2 months during the epidemic, the result is very worrying. For example, if we use an electric car with 50% of the electricity and park it for 1 month, then 0.015A×24 hours×31 days=11.16Ah, isn’t it that? amazing? Generally, the unlocking current of a good-quality brand electric vehicle is about 0.1A. If the power is always on and the key is not removed, you can imagine how much electricity will leak in a month (0.1A×24 hours×31 days=74.4Ah ), too scary! More importantly, the "over-discharged" battery is not within the scope of the after-sales three packs, and the repairable rate is low.

Therefore, when it is parked for a long time, it must be fully charged and stored! And recharge at least once every 7-15 days, and the new battery that has not been installed in the car must be fully charged for long-term storage! And at least 2 months to add electricity.

In order to extend the battery life, have you mastered the method of the editor of PXID Scooter Design Company?