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Electric scooter, let you become a new focus on the street

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With the development of the times, energy consumption and air pollution have become more and more serious. Electric scooters are a low-carbon and green transportation tool for modern people. Not only can travel, but also has the required playability.

PXID Scooter Design Company develops low-carbon and environmentally friendly transportation tools for intelligent travel, which are developed and designed by the company and put into production and manufacturing. Samsung’s lithium battery provides power and has a battery life of up to 25KM. Because electricity is used to generate electricity, it will not pollute the environment. The body is made of aluminum alloy material, which has the advantages of sturdiness, lightness, durability, and high toughness.

Electric scooter, let you become a new focus on the street

In terms of safety, electric scooters have triple brakes such as electronic brakes, disc brakes, and rear brakes, which are faster and more stable when braking. In terms of travel, it can be folded in one step, the aluminum alloy body can be lifted with one hand, and it can be towed after folding. It occupies a small space and you can easily take the bus and enter the subway. Combining the above advantages, electric scooters have become a popular green travel transportation tool today.

In addition to simple sliding, you can also try some fancy gameplay, such as rocker: push or push the skateboard to the sliding speed. Right foot pedal tail, left foot pedal front for control, or step on the back side of the front wheel for rocking. Move the center of gravity to the right foot and lean forward so that the end of the board stays in the air for as long as possible. You can gently scrape the floor at the end of the board to maintain balance.

People's living environment is closely related to nature. The society needs sustainable development, energy conservation, environmental protection, and low-carbon travel are already at the forefront. PXID electric scooters provide users with a green travel mode, and accompany you to travel green.