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What are the electric bicycles with good-looking and practical appearance, with a battery life of more than 60 kilometers and high cost performance?

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Now it is the age of looking at faces, and electric bicycles are no exception. In addition to requiring strong practicability, it also requires high appearance, but in general, the price of this electric car is not cheap. So is there an electric car that is more affordable and has both good looks and practicality? Actually there is!

If you want to buy this kind of electric car, you need not only a pair of "eyes", but also a little skill, so that you can get a good one! Looking at the models first, some of the national standard cars and electric light motorcycles are quite consistent.

E2 electric moped

electric bicycle

The body is sporty and powerful. PXID electric bicycle design company uses magnesium alloy materials for the body. Magnesium alloy materials have high strength, good rigidity, excellent toughness, strong shock absorption, and mechanical properties are better than ordinary alloy materials. Disassembly-free smart lithium battery, 2.5kg portable, 8-fold smart safety protection, longer life than traditional lead-acid batteries, lighter weight, can be easily unlocked after parking, and recharged at home, which is convenient and easy. A section of the journey is ready to accumulate energy. Two-step folding, portable and easy to use every inch of space, only two steps to complete the folding. It can be held lightly with one hand, and does not occupy space or land. Easily put it in the trunk of your car, and you can also enter the subway, bus, office and other places with you. Make your travel simple and fun!

S6 electric bicycle

electric bicycle

The design of the S6 electric bicycle is derived from the running cheetah. It is strong and brave, domineering in appearance, and outstanding in line beauty. This matches the passion and sports elements that young people love, and is very trendy. The body adopts one-piece die-casting molding process, aviation magnesium alloy material, lightweight and one-piece molding, so that it has more than one side: light weight, pressure resistance, friction resistance, and beautiful shape. Slightly improved, durability improved, waterproof and rust-proof. Let easy riding become a habit and fun. This electric-assisted bicycle has also won the most influential Taiwan Golden Pin design in the global Chinese market. The Golden Pin Design Award invites internationally renowned design masters to serve as judges every year. After nearly half of the three stages of preliminary review, review and final review, it won the award. The award is the judges' best affirmation of PXID's innovation and quality.

AD electric car

electric bicycle

Simple and atmospheric appearance, classic and refreshing color scheme is very attractive. Not exaggerated, but with personality, matching the passion and sports elements that young people love, very trendy temperament. The first sight of TA gives people a young, clean and fashionable feeling. The A1 electric bike embodies the efforts of the design team of the PXID electric bicycle design company. From the beginning of the design, it has pursued the enjoyment of external beauty. The smart lines, beautiful arcs and curved surfaces of the car body shape highlight a graceful and elegant appearance. . The cut surface of the whole vehicle plastic parts is more three-dimensional, giving people a sense of freedom and fashion.