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How does the electric bicycle industry improve product competitiveness?

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Most of the purchases of electric vehicles are because it is a just-needed part of our lives. Who can grasp this just-needed point? Who can make consumers take the initiative to choose such things that can bring convenience to themselves and the services they need? Intuitively, whoever controls the market. However, this is a new exploration and attempt.

High-end electric bikes are expensive, high-end electric bikes are shoddy, and lithium battery performance is unstable. These three major pain points can make high-end electric bikes miss the vast majority of consumers.

Under the same circumstances, if you spend 1,500 yuan to buy a simple electric bicycle, why bother to spend 7,000 yuan on a luxury electric motorcycle with the same function. There is also a three-speed transmission, and it also takes two people. Consumers don't buy or sell such a low-priced car, but instead buy an ordinary one, and some directly just buy a second-hand one.

Is it that such an idea is immature? NO! When a customer chooses a station with many unknown elements, he really needs to consider it.

How does the electric bicycle industry improve product competitiveness?

Nowadays, electric bicycle design companies are struggling to start at the level of high-end electric vehicles, and judge what kind of high-end electric vehicles can make users fall in love with at first sight through appearance creation, consumer driving experience, consumption level, and consumption level.

What about our consumers? After buying a car, there are many problems such as maintenance of the car, replacement of accessories, replacement of batteries, insurance and accident handling.

To solve these major problems, electric bicycle manufacturers must first improve the integrity, core technology, and durability of the vehicle in the research and development of products. On this basis, work hard to create the fine link of car purchase-car use-cost-maintenance. Can really see the problem from the consumer's point of view. It is not a one-off deal. This kind of industrial design company is longer and only recognized by consumers.

The implementation of the new national standard has brought many Sanwu manufacturers on the verge of bankruptcy. With this, more manufacturers have seen the business opportunities at this time, eliminated low-end electric bicycles, and changed their vests to directly enter the high-end market. However, the after-sales aspect is still based on the thinking of low-end products. High-priced mid-range, mid-price low-range, and low-price trips have reduced consumers' thinking about buying high-end electric bicycles by more than half.

In the future, electric vehicle manufacturers do not have to grab market share in price wars. As we mentioned earlier, you can try to stabilize your market with direct purchases, packages, and value-preserving repurchase. This is the best move. In this big test, the retail of the electric vehicle industry can make new attempts and use the new marketing ecological service system to form an ecological closed-loop approach of production, sales, use, replacement and preservation. In a variety of purchase modes, installment, membership, leasing, car and electricity sharing mode, etc. From the source to solve the end consumers' consumption concerns in the purchase of electric vehicles, as well as many problems in the life cycle of electric vehicles.