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Why electric bicycles must be equipped with pedals, the truth is here

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It has been nearly a year since the new national standard was officially implemented. There are still many old railways who do not understand the need to install pedals on national standard cars. They think that this is a "cumbersome" that affects both aesthetics and riding. This is purely unnecessary. Is it really the truth? Are pedals really optional, or even better not to pretend? of course not!

So the question is, why does the new national standard require electric bicycles to be equipped with pedals?

The first is because the law has regulations. Article 119 of the Road Traffic Safety Law clearly defines non-motor vehicles: they refer to vehicles that are driven by human or animal power and run on the road, as well as those that are driven by a power unit but are designed for maximum speed per hour, empty vehicle mass, and external dimensions. Motor wheelchairs, electric bicycles and other transportation vehicles for the disabled that meet the relevant national standards.

Why electric bicycles must be equipped with pedals, the truth is here

In other words, not being equipped with pedals does not belong to the category of non-motor vehicles, but should be included in the category of motor vehicles, and road standards must comply with motor vehicle standards.

Secondly, the electric bicycle design company fully considers the convenience and safety of cyclists. When we encounter power failure or electric drive system failure while riding, we can also use human power to drive forward, eliminating the pain of carts. In addition, the electric bicycle itself is relatively light, not as heavy as an electric bike, and is prone to unstable center of gravity at speeds above 20KM/H. Therefore, pedaling is also used to balance the center of gravity, reduce the risk of rollover, improve driving safety, and reduce the probability of injury.

Electric bicycles are not electric motorcycles. The pedals may not meet our aesthetic requirements, but it is very necessary. So, veterans, don't "dislike" the ugly car with pedals.