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Mobility artifact: electric scooter

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With the improvement of the national traffic law, drunk driving and drunk driving are strictly prohibited. Drinking and socializing are essential for many people, so many people will find a driver to solve this problem after drinking. But for those who drive on behalf of the driver, their problem does not seem to be so easy to solve. For example: the driver of the driver sends people to a more remote place, and there is no bus station or subway nearby, how should the driver of the driver get back? Or, the driver on behalf of the driver basically picks up people at night, but there are almost no buses after the people are delivered, and sometimes it's not cost-effective to take a taxi. Therefore, it is harder for a driver to drive without a small and light transportation tool. How to choose a portable and easy-to-carry transportation tool? Here is an introduction to the electric scooters developed and produced by PXID Scooter Design Company, an artifact of transportation for drivers.

PXID’s electric scooters use Samsung’s imported lithium batteries, with a maximum speed of 25KM per hour and a cruising range of 25KM. In terms of endurance, it is basically able to solve the problem of driving drivers going home.

Mobility artifact: electric scooter

PXID scooter design company uses disc brakes and electronic brakes in terms of safety to make the test run fast and stable. On the whole, inferior electric scooters have no sense of acceleration when accelerating, only their own inertial speed. And some noises will appear during use, which affects the user's sense of use. On the other hand, qualified scooters are stable and powerful at the start, and are easy to drive when carrying heavy objects. There will be obvious speed differences when accelerating.

Why is it said that an electric scooter is an artifact of transportation for drivers? Because of the light weight of the scooter and the foldable design, it can be put into the trunk of the car, which is convenient for the driver to use and carry. There is no need to travel so far to take a car, you can ride an electric scooter to the nearby bus station or subway station and take the car back. It is convenient for the driver on behalf of the driver, and also shortens the time of traveling on the road, so that the driver on behalf of the driver can receive more business on behalf of the driver.