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The scooter industry is about to usher in a historic explosion in 2020

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The biggest contribution of electric scooters is of course transportation! At this point, cars can't even compare with electric cars. Although the automobile industry is large, it really depends on the frequency of use and the popularity of the people. Electric cars are crushing a few streets of cars! Especially for the vast majority of people in China, electric vehicles are the best means of transportation. Electric vehicles have played a very good role whether it is commuting to get off work or picking up children. Think about it, what would happen if there were no electric vehicles in the process of urbanization in China? All urbanization construction will be greatly discounted, because tens of thousands of migrant workers involved in the city have to squeeze the bus, take the subway, ride bicycles, and electric vehicles so that all migrant workers in the city can find efficiency to rely on. In the process of China's urbanization construction, electric vehicles have played a very important and positive role, and they have also provided a very convenient means of transportation for the majority of urban families. It is the best means of transportation that people have used now, and there is no one!

Why is the electric scooter market exploding in 2020?

The new national standard that came into effect on April 15, 2019 caused the entire industry to be hit in the early stage. A large number of dealers abandon the industry. According to the statistics of tens of thousands of dealers in business telephone surveys, the average exit rate is above 30% (note this Data), in some places, as high as 50%; on the other hand, due to the implementation of new national standards in various places, a trend of redemption is expected, and the epidemic is the catalyst for this redemption. This catalyst not only allows many users who do not meet the new national standard to redeem cars in advance. Electric vehicles have also allowed those potential users who usually use buses, subways, and shared bicycles to be unearthed (key).

The scooter industry is about to usher in a historic explosion in 2020

If there is no impact of the epidemic, everyone's redemption may be for the exchange of purchases. Because of the impact of the epidemic, everyone's exchange is for the exchange of quality of life and exchange in advance! Coupled with the publicity of major manufacturers, this year's redemption will be extremely hot! After 20 years of universal education, electric vehicles have penetrated into the bones of Chinese people. Electric vehicles have become closely related to the lives of Chinese people. Just like mobile phones, they have become necessities of life like washing machines and refrigerators in your home; 2020 and beyond The electric car market is a process from good to good, and electric cars will truly enter the product and brand war! Because of the impact of the epidemic in Wuhan and Hubei, when the epidemic will end, it has not yet reached an inflection point. No one can predict. When it is impossible to predict, all everyone has to do is to solve the problem in the safest way (human nature). For most office workers, electric vehicles are undoubtedly the best travel tool.

Finally, this year’s epidemic has caused many scooter design companies to seize a life-saving straw. In order to quickly expand their influence, large and small e-commerce companies will speed up the layout of the last mile of e-commerce, because this directly involves their service! For express delivery, the demand for electric vehicles will further surge!

To sum up, in 2020, you will see the most difficult situation in history. This industry will be a deformed industrial chain: in the first half of the year, due to the impact of the epidemic, a series of uncontrollable factors such as logistics, raw materials, and workers were generated. Rising, production capacity can’t keep up, factory shipments are slow, dealers line up for delivery, users can’t choose the products they want; in addition, March is the traditional small peak season for the industry. If most cities across the country start school, it’s even worse. It's red, out of stock! It is perfect for many companies to return to work by 50%; when the epidemic is truly eliminated, it will not be until April at the earliest. The major brands continue their price wars in order to impulse, but they are still out of stock! It is optimistically estimated that the epidemic will basically be lifted in May. Affected by the previous production backlog, it is still out of stock! This situation will continue until the end of June, the second half of the year, but you are just getting ready to take a breath, sorry, the peak season is here, the redemption that started this year is not a joke to you (many places have begun to adjust management methods due to the impact of the epidemic , Even if you don’t adjust, the trend of redemption will be enough for you to drink a pot, and you will not be able to catch the adjustment!), you will be out of stock until the end of October!

It can be said with certainty that 2020 is the best historical opportunity for the top second-line scooter design company brand! The key is to integrate the supporting suppliers and fully organize their own production. 2020 is destined to be a great year for electric vehicles again. The asymmetry of the industry chain, the shortage of upstream resources, and the greatest decoupling from the objective demand of the market, this year will definitely be the biggest year of outbreak in the history of electric vehicles. Cars have a history, so the first 20 years are the 20 BC of electric cars. Starting in 2020, the real electric cars will begin. Electric cars have truly ushered in product (technology) and brand wars. Let us wait and see!