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How to maintain a small electric bicycle with disc brakes on a daily basis?

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As the country's safety requirements for small electric mobility tools become more and more stringent, the mobility products of some mid-to-high-end electric bicycle design companies are often equipped with disc brake systems in order to achieve better braking effects. So how much do you know about disc brakes? How to deal with and maintain the common minor problems of disc brakes?

The full name of a disc brake is a disc brake, which is composed of a brake disc connected to the wheel and a brake caliper on the edge of the disc. The principle of braking is to use external force to push the brake pad to clamp the brake disc to produce a braking effect. According to different ways of controlling the rotation of the disc, disc brakes can be divided into two types: hydraulic disc brakes and cable pull disc brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes use brake fluid as the transmission material. The piston in the brake lever is actuated to compress the fluid, and the pressure flows from the oil pipe to the caliper, thereby pushing the piston in the caliper to drive the brake pads to clamp the disc.

Most of the power-assisted bicycles and electric scooters of electric bicycle design companies use wire-pull disc brakes, mainly because the disc brakes are more excellent in performance, easy to maintain, and cost-effective, and are suitable for most models. Among several common brakes, the performance of disc brakes is also at the forefront.

How to maintain a small electric car with disc brakes on a daily basis?

How to maintain a small electric car with disc brakes on a daily basis?

1. Develop good riding habits

Many users like sudden braking. This habit is not good for the user's own safety or the braking system. Because the effect of disc brakes is better, it is easy to lock the tires at once. In this case, the user is likely to lose balance and fall; for the brake pads, frequent sudden braking will cause excessive wear, and when emergency braking is really needed Failure of the brake pads is very dangerous. Therefore, you should develop good habits when using the brakes, do not ride too fast, reduce the number of sudden brakes, and brake as slowly as possible.

2. Regularly check and replace brake cables and brake pads

Because the brake cable loses its elasticity or wears out due to long-term operation, brake pads (also known as pads) are one of the parts that are prone to wear. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the wear of these two parts. Generally speaking, the brake pads can operate normally for about 6 months to 1 year in daily use, and the brake cable must be replaced if it is damaged.

3. Maintenance of the disc

Cable-pull disc brakes are driven by unilateral discs, and because of this, once the disc is deformed, the braking system will be invalidated. Therefore, during the daily maintenance of the electric scooter, it is necessary to check whether there are foreign bodies on the outside of the disc that cause deformation during operation, and try to prevent the disc from being impacted and deformed by external forces during use.