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Rising star-electric scooters, the future of short-distance transportation tools

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In recent years, electric scooters have attracted more and more people's attention, and have even become the main force of personal transportation in some European and American cities. The electric skateboard is a two/three/four wheel vehicle based on a traditional skateboard and an electric kit. Compared with electric motorcycles and electric bicycles, its appearance is relatively late, and it is gradually improved with the development of the first two. Therefore, in the development history of electric scooters, there is always no shortage of electric motorcycles and electric bicycles.

Records show that at the end of 1895, Ogden Bolton, an inventor in Ohio, USA, applied for the first patent for an electric personal travel device. According to today's standards, this is an electric bicycle, and the design is very rough, but the concept is It was revolutionary at the time. The emergence of this concept has changed the concept of human power for personal travel equipment and has a profound impact on the emergence of electric scooters.

Rising star-electric scooters, the future of short-distance transportation tools

Today, scooter design companies have innovated in many aspects, including the configuration of rechargeable and higher-efficiency lithium batteries; the design of vehicles pays more attention to integrating aesthetics and ergonomics. Since 2018, shared electric scooters have quietly become popular in European and American countries. In the center of New York, these electric scooters for rent can be seen everywhere.

However, while enjoying the convenience and comfort it brings, people's unreasonable use and its own defects have brought huge hidden dangers to road safety and urban management. With the original intention of low-carbon, fun, and giving people freedom, its users have been complained of parking indiscriminately, occupying sidewalks, and various traffic accidents.

In China, the use of personal electric mobility tools is strictly controlled by the government. In some key cities, electric balance vehicles and electric scooters are prohibited from driving on the road. The new national standard for electric bicycles clearly shows the Chinese government’s attitude and emphasis on personal electric travel tools. Only after solving a series of problems such as the safety of electric bicycles can the legal right of way for electric scooters be mentioned. Agenda.

The day when electric scooters are popular in China will definitely come. But before that, there are still many problems that need to be solved urgently, and the government, enterprises, and individuals need to make joint suggestions. We are full of hope for this and look forward to the early arrival of the era of legal road trips.