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How to judge whether the scooter battery is damaged by the charger indicator?

pxid 2021-03-17 253 times

The electric vehicle charger can be said to be a barometer of the battery. The charger does not speak, but it can express the health information of the battery through the lights of different colors. Here, the editor of the PXID scooter design company has compiled some things to teach you how to use the charger. Indicator light to see if the battery is damaged?

Electric vehicle charging indicator lights are generally red and green. The red light indicates that the battery is in a state of lack of power, and the green light indicates that the battery is in a fully charged state. But is it just that simple? In fact, we will encounter the following situations.

1. The red light of the charger is on but not flashing, and the red light is still on after charging all night

This situation shows that the charger is powered on, but the battery is not charging. There are only two reasons, one is that the battery charging plug is broken, the line is faulty and other physical reasons, which are relatively rare. The other is that the battery itself has been vulcanized inside, and the increase in internal resistance causes the electric vehicle battery to fail to charge. Either the battery is broken or the power is fed.

How to judge whether the scooter battery is damaged by the charger indicator?

2. The red light of the charger keeps flashing, the red light does not flash after charging for a long time, but the green light does not light up

In this case, either the green light of the charger is broken, or the battery is overcharged and damaged. At this moment, you need to find a charger of the same model and verify it before you can determine which one is broken.

3. The red light flashes and the green light flashes on the charger

This means that the battery has not been used for a period of time, and the battery has electricity, possibly all of it is empty. At this point, you just need to wait for a while, and the green light will go out when the current comes up!

4. The charger green light is always on

The green light always indicates that the charging has sensed the current from the battery, but it has not been charged. There are three situations as follows: The first type of charger has a problem with its own circuit, which causes the internal error signal to be received and the green light is turned on, and the second is battery feeding. (The capacity becomes smaller) But there is some weak current passing through, which "cheats" the charger to cause it to turn on the green light.

The solution is also very simple. Everyone spends a few tens of dollars to buy a multimeter to link the positive and negative poles of the battery to see if the voltage and current are normal. The above are some methods shared by PXID scooter design company, welcome to add!