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Which brand of electric scooter is good, and how about PXID electric scooter?

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Due to urban congestion and increasingly serious vehicle restrictions, more and more people have begun to choose some portable means of transportation, and electric scooters have naturally become one of the most mainstream choices of people. Electric scooters are a new type of product that inherits the characteristics of traditional skateboards. It has the advantages of energy saving, portability, environmental protection, convenient operation, fast speed, foldable, and convenient storage, which solves the pain points of people's short-distance travel.

The electric scooter of PXID Industrial Design Company is a very good scooter. It adopts 36V500W hub motor and has a small body. The seat, faucet pole and handlebar can be folded into the trunk of the car. The battery capacity is 10.4Ah, the cruising range is up to 40 kilometers, and the fastest speed can reach 45 kilometers per hour. The same PXID electric scooter is also an electric scooter with a complete shock absorption system. The design of the seat is added. The advantage of this is that the rider can appropriately increase the riding distance without standing for a long time. Tired, and the safety during driving is also greatly improved. In the design of the wheels, a 10-inch widened and thickened pneumatic tire is adopted. The brake system of the PXID electric scooter uses disc brakes, and the rapid braking adds another guarantee for safe driving. The body is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy aluminum plate, which is light in weight, low in density, good in heat dissipation, and strong in pressure resistance. The width of the body pedal has reached 24 cm, which gives the rider a new improvement in comfort.

Which brand of electric scooter is good, and how about PXID electric scooter?

For all vehicles, safety is the top priority. It is related to the safety of the rider and other people on the road. The safety of electric scooters still needs a good braking system to protect, and the quality of the brakes is also directly related to As far as the user’s riding safety index is concerned, PXID Scooter Design’s scooter front and rear wheel brake systems all use disc brakes. Generally, the electric scooter will automatically cut off the power after the brake lever is pinched. The emergency brake can also be used to physically stop the car quickly, so as to protect the safety of the rider to the greatest extent. The disc brake uses a caliper brake. The skin and the disc are in flat contact, the contact surface is large, and the time is consistent. It is a commonly used brake type with excellent performance.

The PXID scooter has a good endurance of 30-40 kilometers, which can meet the needs of daily activities, but the overall weight is relatively heavy. Although it is convenient to move around, it is still a bit difficult to move for a long time. Girls may It's even harder to move. If there is no elevator in the place where you live, you will be really tired if you have to carry this thing up.

Advantages: stylish appearance, energy saving, portable, environmentally friendly, easy to operate, fast, foldable, easy to store, saving space; pneumatic tires, shock-absorbing seats, front and rear double shock absorbers, and disc brake design make riding more comfortable and safe.