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The importance of industrial design in various industries now?

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Industrial design is a profession with a short development history, but the role played by this profession is far ahead and powerful. And industrial design is more than just designing industrial products, it is not as simple as an appearance "artist". Industrial product appearance design is also a solution to various problems between "human-machine-environment", which is highly comprehensive and combines technology and art. Subject.

It involves physics, chemistry, biology, aesthetics, marketing, ergonomics, sociology, psychology, philosophy and other disciplines. As far as mass production is concerned, professionals rely on training, technical knowledge, experience and visual experience to give new quality and qualifications to materials, structures, shapes, colors, surface processing and decorations, and carry out packaging, marketing, marketing, and other issues. Analyzing and solving, and giving one's own technical knowledge and experience, as well as visual evaluation ability, all belong to the category of industrial design.

The importance of industrial design in various industries now?

Industrial design is to provide people with a more reasonable way of survival through continuous innovation and design. When you find that everything in life is becoming more convenient, more humane, and more natural, this is the charm of industrial design.

The development of industrial design to this day has risen to be based on sociological methods, expanding our culture, planning our lifestyle, developing future transportation concepts, energy concepts, production concepts, urban concepts, and rural concepts, including social culture, The level of psychology, aesthetics, art, technology and other factors.
In recent years, the market for modern industrial products has largely relied on the success of industrial product design. The human culture of the industrial design company can be seen from the subtleties. Therefore, the industrial design profession has become the cornerstone and driving force of the development of industrial design companies, and has been valued by enterprises, and the market demand for industrial design talents has increased.