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In 2020, who is the real smart electric scooter?

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With the development of science and technology, two-wheeled electric vehicles have also ushered in the era of intelligence. After the new national standard, many Internet technology companies entered the electric vehicle market. In 2020, with the entry of new forces from industrial design companies to build cars, the smart door for electric vehicles will really be opened!

After 2005, electric bicycles have gradually become an important part of the way people travel. For a long time, two-wheeled electric vehicles have been a labor-intensive industry. It can be produced in a small workshop with a small foundation, and the price of electric motorcycles is basically maintained at around 3,000 yuan.

In 2015, the first Internet technology company, Mavericks, released its first product. Li Yinan brought the first smart electric product-Mavericks N1, with a crowdfunding price of 3999 yuan. Retail prices are even higher, breaking the 4000 yuan ceiling first. Mavericks N1 sold more than 10,000 units that year. This means that the younger generation of consumer groups are more favored by smart electric products.

Electric cars above 5,000 yuan are not uncommon now. As long as the basic price of electric car products that are connected with smart is above 5,000 yuan. The appearance of blue shark Robor, the No. 9 robot E series, and the Mavericks RQi, these two-wheeled technology products, mark that two-wheeled electric vehicles have truly entered the ranks of technology products!
Today, the intelligent era of electric vehicles of industrial design companies has entered the era of L2 level autonomous driving. This also means that electric vehicle intelligence has entered the 3.0 era.

With the advancement of technology, the significance of two-wheeled electric vehicles is no longer limited to transportation. You can complete more intelligent life services while driving. Such as buying tickets, manipulating smart furniture, and customizing the itinerary for the host.