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Electric bikes get slower and slower after riding for a long time? These details must be paid attention to!

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After riding our electric car for a period of time, we will find that our electric car is getting slower and slower! What caused this? How should it be solved? Next, PXID Scooter Design Company will give you a detailed introduction.

1. Insufficient battery

We often find that when the battery is almost out of power, even if the steering wheel is turned to the fastest position, the speed will not rise, and the driving will be intermittent. Because the electric vehicle controller has undervoltage protection, such as 48V battery undervoltage point at 42V, 60V battery undervoltage point at 53V, and so on. When the power reaches the undervoltage point, the vehicle speed will slow down, which is a kind of protection for the battery. This problem is not a problem, it can be solved as long as it is fully charged.

2. Motor demagnetization

Frequent overweight and overload will weaken the magnetism of the motor and demagnetize the magnetic steel; if the motor demagnetizes under strong vibration or high temperature, all demagnetized motors will experience power reduction and slower speed.

3. The controller is malfunctioning

The speed of the vehicle is determined by the speed of the motor, and the speed of the motor depends on the current of the controller. The size of the current allocated by the controller is different. The larger the output current, the faster the speed. The power mismatch between the controller and the motor will also cause the speed to slow down.

4. Insufficient tire pressure

Whether the air in the tires is sufficient also has a great impact on the riding of electric vehicles. If the tires are insufficient, it will increase the resistance of the electric vehicle, which not only consumes high power, but also affects the speed of the vehicle.

Electric bikes get slower and slower after riding for a long time? These details must be paid attention to!

5. Brake failure

If the front brake is used infrequently, the rust will cause the brake rocker arm to be inflexible and difficult to return, accompanied by brake resistance, which will slow down the speed; if the rear wheel brake pads fall off or foreign bodies enter the brakes, it will also affect the speed. Even if the brakes are not bad, sometimes too tight will rub the wheels and reduce the speed of the car.

6. The temperature drops sharply

In winter, the temperature is low, and the battery capacity (electricity) will decrease. At present, more than 90% of electric vehicle batteries on the market use: sealed valve-regulated lead-acid batteries. The biggest disadvantage of this battery is poor low-temperature charge and discharge performance. When the temperature drops by 1℃, the battery capacity (electricity) will decrease by about 1%. Under the temperature of 0℃ in winter, the actual riding distance of electric vehicles is only 75% of the original, and the low-temperature charging acceptance ability of lead-acid batteries is reduced. It is entirely possible that the combination will reduce the riding distance by half. Of course, this reason is not the direct cause of the slowdown of electric vehicles, but because the battery power is greatly reduced, the riding distance becomes shorter, and it is also an indirect cause of the slower and slower riding of electric vehicles.

7. Excessive load

The speed of an electric vehicle is related to its weight. When carrying a heavy load, the friction between the vehicle's tires and the ground increases. At the same time, electric vehicles have a certain load standard. If they are forced to load, they may be fine at the time. If they are used again, the speed may not rise. Overloading forcefully causes the motor's vitality to be severely injured and it is difficult to recover.

The above-mentioned problems are the main reasons for the current slowdown of electric vehicles. Of course, if faced with objective factors such as headwind, uphill, overweight and other objective factors, the speed will also slow down. When the electric vehicle suddenly slows down, you should go to a professional scooter design company for inspection in time.