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Can an industrial design company only do product design without structural design?

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Can an industrial design company only do product design without structural design?

Of course not. First of all, industrial design is a big category. With the development of the times, industrial design can be divided into four categories: product design, environmental design, communication design, and design management. Including modeling design, mechanical design, circuit design, clothing design, environmental planning, interior design, architectural design, UI design, graphic design, packaging design, advertising design, animation design, display design, website design, etc. Among them, product design includes appearance design and structural design. It can be seen that, by definition, industrial design companies are far more than just designing. Industrial design includes product design, and product design includes appearance design. Just because of habit, companies that do product design are often called industrial design companies.

Can an industrial design company only do product design without structural design?

Industrial design companies include appearance design and structural design. A product finally went on the market and sold out. Both appearance design and structural design are important. The appearance design is mainly responsible for the external appearance of the product, giving people a bright, beautiful and other visual impression, impressing consumers and achieving purchase. With fierce market competition and people's pursuit of quality life, companies have to pay attention to product design. Appearance is the exterior of the product, what can be seen with the naked eye. Therefore, the visual impression of the appearance directly determines whether the user knows the possibility of purchase beforehand. The appearance includes the shape, color, and material of the product. When designing the product appearance, you can start with the product shape, color, material, etc. to enhance the product's visual impression to users. Product appearance design is also an important means to enhance the added value of a product. It is not that the product has many features, but the visual impression and extravagance that the appearance conveys to the user. Obviously, the importance of appearance design. Therefore, appearance design is one of the key services of industrial design companies.

Structural design is mainly responsible for the internal structural design and institutional design of the product. It is the process of product appearance design landing and affects the quality of the product. For example, the reliability test of the product structure design is designed to check whether the product structure is OK. It is a rigid requirement for product quality. Affect whether the product can be marketed. For consumers, consumers spend money to buy products for enjoyment. The product breaks in less than two or three days, or it hurts the user during the use of the product. Not only did the product fail to get a return order, but it also faced complaints, and it might even cause the listed product to be taken offline. Visible, the importance of structural design.

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