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The “safe travel” electric bicycle runs the red light and bears full responsibility for the accident!

pxid 2021-03-11 229 times

"Anyway, the responsibility is not with me", "I am a disadvantaged group, and you are responsible for mistakes." "I usually walk like this, and there have been no accidents." I believe that many electric bicycle owners have such thoughts, but such willful thoughts have a price...

Recently, an electric bicycle running a red light accident in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province caused heated discussions among netizens. What happened to the accident? Let's take a look together:

When Ms. Luo from Jinhua, Zhejiang Province crossed the road on an electric bicycle, she ignored the red light. As a result, she was caught under the front wheels of a normal truck and was run over by the rear tires. Fortunately, Luo was dragged for more than 30 meters. After flipping several somersaults, the lady recovered her life, and the whole process was extremely thrilling.

It was determined that Ms. Luo assumed full responsibility for the accident. But she was very excited. Not only was she reluctant to sign the accident appraisal, but she also asked the truck driver to pay for medical expenses. She also said: "I usually walk like this, and there has been no accident."

The "safe travel" electric bicycle runs the red light and bears full responsibility for the accident!

In fact, it is not uncommon for cyclists like Ms. Luo to have a fluke psychology. It is precisely because of this fluke psychology and the misconception that "I am weak and I have reason", they put themselves and others in a dangerous situation. Later, not only will you be injured, but you also need to bear the corresponding responsibility for the accident.

PXID Bicycle Design Company once again reminds e-bike riders:

Everyone is equal before the law. Don't think that you are an electric bicycle cyclist and belong to a "vulnerable group." Just ignore the authority of the law and run red lights or go backwards willfully.

Electric bicycles are a typical "meat-wrapped iron". Once they collide with a motor vehicle, in most cases the rider and passengers of the electric bicycle are injured and the fatality rate is higher. At the same time, because there is no relevant insurance for electric bicycles, there is no guarantee for treatment and compensation after the accident. Therefore, electric bicycle cyclists should no longer have a fluke, and must abide by the traffic rules and be responsible for the safety of themselves and others.