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Are you ready for the new generation of scooter suitcases?

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For trips with a longer stay, I like to bring a larger suitcase and prepare as many clothes and toiletries as possible for different occasions. Usually I bring a duffel bag. Until I met this funny and cool big toy...that is the scooter suitcase!

1. Fashion and cool, full of sense of technology

Lovely shape, beautiful colors, and personalized 3D design. PXID scooter design company designed a sliding luggage car based on children's love and personality. The combination of scooter and trolley case is stylish and beautiful, comfortable to hold, practical and durable, and makes childhood cool.

2. Detachable suitcase

The unique detachable design can separate the car body and the suitcase, which can not only meet the travel needs, but also can easily transform into a backpack. Compared with the previous generation, the scooter adopts more flexible steering bearings, which makes it easier to steer and travel more smoothly.

Are you ready for the new generation of scooter suitcases?

3. Simple operation, safe and worry-free

Silent pulley, stop when stepped on, adopt shock-absorbing, wear-resistant and high-elastic PU material to reduce noise and mute. The brake cover is widened, making it easier for children to operate. The brake cover is equipped with sturdy and wear-resistant stainless steel brake pads, which are not easily deformed after long-term use. Sensitive brake, lightly step on, stop when you want to stop, safe and worry-free.

4. Optimize the space, divide the design

Optimize the space, no matter how much luggage you are not afraid of, the big belly capacity can carry your small world. Large capacity, divided design, abundant storage space, free travel. The main bag is spacious, which can hold personal clothing, books, electronic equipment and daily necessities, bid farewell to clutter, and ensure that it can withstand the test in various occasions.

PXID Scooter Design Company carefully creates every detail to ensure the safety of children at all times. The humanized handle is soft and fits the palm of the palm, prevents slippage and slippage. It is designed according to ergonomics, with uneven texture, stylish and beautiful, comfortable to hold, practical and durable.

Self-confidence, focus, personality; light material, weight reduction for children; relaxed and happy mood; 3D modeling, fashionable and fashionable; fashionable modeling, attract your attention; love to travel and enjoy life.