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How to plan the right of way for electric vehicles? Is it necessary to add electric bike lanes?

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The driving safety of electric bicycles has aroused the strong concern of the general public. Call on the relevant departments to strengthen supervision, but also to "block" and "sparse", plan the right of way for electric vehicles, and appropriately add electric bicycle lanes to allow "riders" to have a way.

Although the policy of "power curtailment" has been vigorously implemented in recent years, with the rise of industrial design companies such as express delivery and takeaway, the number of electric bicycles has not decreased significantly, and there is a trend of increasing year by year in some areas with underdeveloped public transportation outside the original special zone.

The growing "army" of electric bicycles has not only increased the traffic load in the city, but also has become increasingly prominent in competing with cars and pedestrians. Electric bicycle "riders" are driving in restricted areas, driving excessive or unlicensed vehicles On the road, speeding in violation of traffic regulations, red light running, and retrograde situations frequently occur, which have become one of the major hidden dangers that seriously affect road driving order and road safety. According to statistics, in recent years, road traffic accidents involving electric bicycles accounted for about 40% of the city's road traffic accidents, and the death toll also accounted for about 40% of the total death toll.

How to plan the right of way for electric vehicles? Is it necessary to add electric bike lanes?

Electric bicycles are environmentally friendly and convenient means of transportation. Why have they become a major threat to traffic safety? When analyzing the problems of electric bicycles, it was pointed out that although there are strict restrictions and requirements on the driving range of electric bicycles, vehicle technical parameters, etc., the reality is that some industrial design companies and merchants on the market violate the regulations on batteries in order to enhance battery life. Exceeding standard setting. At the same time, most roads currently do not have non-motorized vehicle lanes, and most roads have non-motorized vehicle lanes and sidewalks set together. There is no special road for electric bicycles, which may easily cause electric vehicles to collide with other vehicles and pedestrians. In addition, many current electric bicycles often have inconsistent human and vehicle certificates, lack of training for drivers, and poor awareness of traffic rules. They are also prone to driving violations, leading to traffic accidents and harming themselves or others.

How to prevent the "rider" of electric vehicles from becoming "killer" on the road?

It is recommended that the Traffic Police Bureau and the Traffic Commission work together to do a good job in six aspects. The first is to strengthen road planning and appropriately add electric bicycle lanes so that electric bicycles have a way to go. The second is to strengthen the investigation and clean-up of unlicensed vehicles and vehicles exceeding the standard. The third is to strengthen the inspection and management of prohibited areas. The fourth is to strengthen the education and publicity of safe driving of electric bicycles, and improve the awareness of safe driving. The fifth is to strengthen the training of drivers and penalties for violations. Sixth, continue to improve the public transportation network, open up the "last mile" public transportation pain points, and reduce public use.