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With the upsurge of electric motorcycles, the war in the sharing industry is heating up

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Judging from the current situation, the trend of electrification is irreversible. Although everyone does not recognize the technology of batteries, no matter it is any means of transportation, the pace of electrification has been accelerated, and even motorcycles have begun. Entering the era of electrification, there are now many products on the market, and some brands are professional. Seeing this situation, many people are speculating, is the era of electric motorcycles really coming?

Although many domestic industrial design companies have begun to research and have launched several products, the real era of electric motorcycles has not yet arrived. Judging from the actual situation in my country, electric motorcycles are still gray areas in some areas. Many riders have chosen to modify themselves. Not to mention whether it is legal to do so. At least in terms of safety, it cannot be guaranteed. Many riders want to improve Power, but ignores the essence of domestic electric vehicles, these qualities are simply not enough to withstand such high power.

But foreign markets, especially Ford Motor Co., have entered the electric motorcycle sharing market through the acquisition of Spin. Spinning bikes are competitors of Bird Rides Inc. and LimeBike Inc.

With the upsurge of electric motorcycles, the war in the sharing industry is heating up

This acquisition is notable because electric motorcycle sharing services have become a proxy war among major players in the ride-hailing industry. Uber Technologies Inc. invested in Lime in July this year and acquired the bike-sharing service Jump in April this year. The latter recently started offering bicycles as well as electric motorcycles. Lyft Inc. acquired the core assets of the bike-sharing company Motivate International Inc. in July this year. Since then, it has started to use the acquired technology to launch its own electric vehicle services, first in Denver, Colorado, and later in California. Santa monica.

The longer-term game, at least for the main players, seems to be creating an ecosystem of transportation options, allowing customers to choose within the same company. Ford has formed transportation there. The company acquired the space vehicle startup Chariot (Chariot) for US$65 million in 2016 and is already testing its own electric motorcycle service Jelly.

The electrification trend is the general trend. Many electric motorcycle design companies are ready to take off in the sharing market. The future travel era is bound to be full of magic and technology.