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What will the micro-transportation in the city of the future look like?

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Maybe in the near future we will encounter aliens, maybe in the near future we humans will be able to settle on the moon, or in the near future... In the future, there are too many uncertain factors, so have you thought about the future of us? What will your vehicle look like? Will it be like in "Future Police", the spacecraft is driving out of the sky, or the same as now, I think everyone will think that the first type, the current level of technology can be said to be rapid, who can say it accurately, we can Can you imagine what the transportation will look like in the future?

What will the public transportation system look like in the future? Is it a world full of fantasy colors, where people take doughnut-shaped metal structure aircraft to and from residence and company? With the help of this conceptual vehicle presented in pictures, the desire of most of us to shorten commuting time can become a reality. If the transportation system of the future consists of aircraft like this, we can travel a considerable distance in the blink of an eye to wherever we want to go.

What will the micro-transportation in the city of the future look like?

One thing that can be foreseen is that car lanes will be reduced to make room for "slow lanes." These lanes will run at 20 miles per hour (30 km/h) and will be shared by bicycles, electric scooters and other forms of micro-mobile vehicles. They will have less exhaust, less noise, and take up less space. This is how microtransportation will improve our quality of life.

The transportation in the future must be intelligent. Now road construction, GPS and other electronic equipment make the technology more effective; stronger performance and higher safety factor; lighter product iterations can be more popular; land, sea and air transportation are more popular. The possibility of combining.