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Balance bike, accompany you on a “whatever you want” city adventure

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Now our travel tools are diverse and dazzling. The appearance of the balance bike instantly focused most people's attention. It can exercise our sense of balance, let us experience the thrill of speed and speed, and feel the maneuvering skills of man and vehicle. Let's take a look at the experience of the PXID balance car design company's car.

1. Advanced algorithm, easy to drive

Advanced control algorithms, numerous sensors and high-performance processors make it flexible and easy to drive, and can easily cope with common road conditions. The driving distance of up to 22km allows you to have a good time. The control of the car moving with your heart, the speed of flying, all these beautiful feelings, make you look forward to the next departure.

2. All-in-one control

Similarly, PXID's balance bike is very easy to use. Because the operation method is designed to be simpler, it does not require long-term practice like a wheelbarrow. Getting in the car is as simple as going up the steps, and you can easily control it with a little adaptation. The reason why it can walk flexibly according to your intentions is that it is equipped with many sophisticated sensors that constantly capture the tiny movements of your body, and dynamically adjust the posture of the vehicle at a speed of 200 times per second to maintain balance. The innovative leg-controlled steering rod is different from the general balance car that requires both hands to control the direction. It can analyze the leg motion to control the direction, making driving easier and more stable. Get started in a few minutes, and you can master it with a little practice. Ride a balance bike and let friends see your new skills!

3. Outstanding performance to help you travel

You must hardly imagine that this little guy with only 12.8 kg has such a performance, and the speed can reach 16km/h. Its performance lies not only in allowing you to experience 4 times the speed of walking, but also in its excellent stability and dynamic balance. It can easily climb even 15-degree steep slopes or small obstacles. Strong, practical, and stable come from the high-performance configuration. The total output power of the two direct-drive motors is 700 watts, and the instantaneous power can exceed 2000 watts. This is almost the power of an electric motorcycle, not to mention its low noise , The advantages of maintenance-free. We like to call continuous motivation "surging", just like your heart's surging at the moment of departure.

Balance bike, accompany you on a "whatever you want" city adventure

The fun of starting is not only the yearning for the flat road, but also the challenge of the rugged road. It is not easy for the balance car to drive on slopes or to pass through small obstacles smoothly. It is difficult to ensure balance and safety by relying solely on high-performance motors. For this reason, the engineers of PXID Industrial Design Company meticulously designed the "dynamic dynamic algorithm", which can automatically identify small obstacles or slopes, and dynamically adjust the instantaneous power according to the current road conditions.

When encountering small obstacles, the electric motor will temporarily increase the power and enhance the stability of the vehicle so that you can pass comfortably. The 9cm high chassis is an ultra-high standard in the balance car, supplemented by the well-designed "shock-absorbing foot pad" can significantly reduce the bumpy vibration. Not to mention the IP54 dustproof and waterproof rating, so that it can drive in drizzle. The stronger road adaptability allows us to have a small adventure that just walks away.

4. Mobile control, do whatever you want

There are two ways to play the balance scooter. In addition to driving, you can also remotely control it via Bluetooth on your mobile phone. The mobile phone is the remote control. The 360° steering stick can flexibly adjust the speed and direction of the car. You can even use it to deliver gifts to friends, or remotely control it to play with cute pet dogs, and use multiple balance bikes with friends to have a "robot contest". not a problem. Love life is love toss, let's explore more new ways to play together.

5. Consider thoroughly, lighting is with you

Considering the driving safety in the dark environment, the designers of PXID Industrial Design Company refer to the car lighting system and equip the balance car with automatic driving lights and LED tail lights. The front automatic driving lights can illuminate the road ahead to facilitate understanding of road conditions. It can adjust the brightness according to the outside light, and the irradiation distance can reach up to 5 meters. The two LED tail lights are blue by default, the red brake lights are on when decelerating, and the yellow turn lights can indicate the direction when turning.

As the current means of transportation, balance bikes are slowly permeating our daily lives. For PXID, safety is the original intention of designing a balance car, performance is just needed, and good appearance is a surprise. When we set foot on the balance car, the lighting system of the body makes us handsome and dazzling. With the transformation of LED tubes, we seem to be walking towards the stage with a spotlight. Walking in the city at night, the rate of return is certainly not bad. How about it? Have you ever moved your heart here? Do you want to take action?