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What kind of electric scooters are qualified?

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Electric scooters are favored by more and more young people due to their fashion, lightness, and usefulness. More and more electric scooter brands have begun to enter the market, with prices ranging from several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan, and the quality of production is uneven. There are certain safety risks. It is difficult for ordinary consumers to judge an electric scooter. Good or bad. What kind of electric scooters are qualified? Today PXID scooter design company is here to help everyone!

1. Battery life is very important, mainly depends on battery capacity

We can see that the position of stepping on the pedal is generally the position where the battery is placed on the electric scooter, and the cruising range is exactly proportional to the battery capacity. Friends who want a longer battery life can choose a scooter with a larger battery capacity, which can run for several days with a single charge. But a larger battery will bring heavier weight, and everyone must weigh it here. After all, sometimes you still have to carry it with your hands, and it will be painful if it is too heavy. Generally, the official mark of the endurance is 20-30 kilometers, which is basically 20 kilometers. 30 kilometers is measured in an ideal state. We will encounter uphills and speed bumps in our daily driving. We must be psychologically prepared here.

2. The power and control method of the motor are very important

The first is the power of the motor. Many friends think that the larger the motor, the better, but this is not the case. The motor is closely related to the wheel diameter and speed. Each motor has an optimal matching power range. Exceeding the high power is also a waste. If it is small, it will not run. The matching of the motor power and the body design is the most important. In addition, the motor control methods include square wave and sine wave control. Here we first recommend sine wave control, which has a smaller sound, linear acceleration, and better control.

3. Look at the wheels for driving experience

Everyone will probably not pay too much attention to the wheels, but in fact, the wheels that affect the driving experience most are the wheels. The smaller the wheel, the more bumpy it is. If it is a small wheel, a little bump on the road can numb your feet. And the small wheels don't even have shock absorbers. How do you say this thing about damping? The effect is good, but it's just average. It's not as good as the entire huge tire. Be sure to choose a tire with a size of 10 inches or more, otherwise your legs will tingle after a ride. Then there is the design of the degree of tire friction, the friction of the driving wheel is large, and the friction of the driven wheel is small, which can increase a certain endurance. Attentive friends can compare the tire skins of the front and rear tires when purchasing, to see if this design principle is followed.

What kind of electric scooters are qualified?

4. How to choose the folding method, and those who are overweight should pay attention to it

The folding methods of electric skateboards are generally divided into these two types: 1. Handlebar column folding. 2. Fold the front part of the pedal.

Column folding method The folding position is on the steering column above the front wheel, and the pedal structure will be more stable. The front folding of the pedal is a bit like the design of a children's skateboard, the front wheel and the steering column are integrated. The column is folded, not only is more stable, but the pedals can be selected with more light-weight integrated designs to reduce the weight of the body.

5. Safety is the top priority, and the best brake must be selected.

The main braking methods of electronic scooters are divided into the following types:

1) Electronic front handle brake:

The more traditional braking method is more in line with human inertia operation. But the traditional design is more obtrusive, and the portability is worse.

2) Front brake button:

On the basis of the original functions of the front handle brake, the portability is improved, and the button-based design makes the body more compact and portable.

3) Rear wheel foot brake:

It is used for emergency braking. When braking, the electric safety system will automatically cut off the power supply immediately.

Electric scooters with a combination of front and rear brakes have a dual-brake system that is safer. Most electric scooters also use this type of design to increase safety. Moreover, the electric scooter itself has small wheels, short control time, and long braking distance.

The above is the introduction of the qualification of electric scooters shared by PXID Industrial Design Company. Those who have purchased electric scooters must travel safely and do not pursue the pleasure of speed!