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What are the main functions of the balance car? Collection of balance scooter uses

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Under the framework of the country's vigorous promotion of "green travel", the balance bike can be said to be a very suitable tool for short-distance travel. The balance car is a balance car that uses the gyroscope and acceleration sensor inside the car body to detect the change of the car body's posture, and uses the servo control system to accurately drive the motor to make corresponding adjustments to maintain the system. So what are the main functions of the balance car?

1. Mobility

Mobility is a physical characteristic of balance cars and products of the same type. The speed can reach up to 20km per hour, and the cruising range of 20-70km can be completed on a single charge.

2. Mobile video

It can be combined with mobile phones, DVs, cameras and other equipment to use its automatic walking function to become a mobile shooting platform.

What are the main functions of the balance car? Collection of balance scooter uses

3. Machine accessories

Bluetooth speaker: The balance car is equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, which can play music through the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and become a mobile music platform.

1) Small size and light weight: The balance car occupies a small space, and the handle can be quickly removed. The weight of the whole car is about 15kg, and the car body is equipped with a pull rod for easy transportation and carrying.

2) Standing driving: The balance car adopts a standing driving mode, and the body is controlled by the center of gravity and the control lever. At the same time, you can use the short handles in the accessories to control the movement of the car body with your calves and free your hands.

3) Electric drive, low noise: The balance car uses lithium battery packs as the power source to achieve zero carbon emission, and adopts power conversion technology, which can automatically charge the lithium battery pack during downhill driving, so that the electric energy can be The kinetic energy can be recycled, and at the same time, due to the improved motor performance, the noise of the balance car is very small.

What are the main functions of the balance scooter? Today, the PXID balance scooter design company will share it with you. If consumers are not aware of the precautions for purchasing an electric balance scooter, please contact us!