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Youth is at the time, PXID electric scooter allows you to travel cool

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Now is a highly intelligent era, and various high-end intelligent products emerge in endlessly. In order to cater to people's consumer needs, even transportation tools are constantly becoming more intelligent. No, can you imagine an electric scooter? It is not only a transportation machine, but also a cool artifact in life.

Electric scooters have become an important element that highlights the trendy lifestyle of young people. Beautiful men and women riding on it are trendy and fashionable. It is easy and fast to walk in the flow of people and the rate of turning back is extremely high. Recently, some citizens have discovered that such a group of trendy people often appear around us. They wear fashionable clothes, cool hair styles, and walk on electric scooters like a whirlwind. Looking from a distance, it is like pedaling on a "hot wheel", which is very exciting. Most of the drivers are young people between the ages of 15 and 30, who are always surprised and envious of passers-by when they travel.

Yes, you are not mistaken, these trendy people are all using electric scooters, electric scooters are not only a scooter, but also a symbol of trend. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. A good electric scooter should choose PXID products to an industrial design company. Why? Look down and you will know the answer.

1. Faster, farther and stronger: the electric scooter of PXID Industrial Design Company. Set off now, and take your curiosity and imagination to a long journey.

Youth is at the time, PXID electric scooter allows you to travel cool

2. Speed, passion: Bringing an unprecedented passion speed of 30km/h and a maximum cruising range of 40km, allowing you to enjoy the fun of riding, which is just its basic attribute.

3. Comfortable and ubiquitous: The use of ergonomic design and unique external concealed cushions can minimize the fatigue of long-distance riding and let you fully experience the fun.

4. Fashionable and more practical: The PC material shell is processed by the piano paint process, which immediately adds a fashionable texture to the whole vehicle.

5. Super waterproof: Regardless of whether the sun is shining or the rain is dense, without fear of all changes, the PXID electric scooter has an IP5 super waterproof rating, and it performs equally well in wind and rain.

6. Smart phone management: The phone is your car housekeeper, speed, mileage, current, voltage, temperature, firmware upgrades, etc., making the operation smarter.

The PXID electric scooters are stylish and cool, and can be taken into public places such as buses, subways, shopping malls, commuting short distances to and from get off work, outings during holidays, shopping, sports masters playing tricks, everything is fine.