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The parts of the electric scooter are broken, how to repair it?

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Some parts of electric scooters are broken and can be used for a long time after repairing. Repairing is more cost-effective than replacing with new ones, but some parts are broken, and replacing them with new ones is better than repairing, and it is also more cost-effective for consumers. If these parts are broken, it is recommended that consumers choose to replace them with new ones, otherwise it may affect normal riding and may also bring safety hazards.

1. Battery. For the entire electric scooter "components", the battery is the core component of the electric scooter, but it should be replaced after two years of use. Some batteries have been swollen into a "circular" shape and are still in use. A rechargeable battery is recommended Do not continue to use it. If you continue to use it, it will cause continuous "thermal runaway" phenomenon, which is very easy to cause fire! In addition, some users want to replace one of the four batteries when they are broken. This is wrong, because the voltage and discharge time error between the entire battery pack is very small when the battery is shipped from the factory, and if the battery is replaced suddenly, it will bring the entire battery pack. Potential safety hazards bring risks to electric scooters. Moreover, it is more cost-effective to replace the entire battery with a single battery, and it will cost more!

2. Brake. Good brakes are very important to riding safety on the road. There is no brake and an emergency situation makes you helpless. Once the accident is triggered, it is very dangerous. The brake pads are worn out and the brake can not stop. It is "end" after being tightened several times in a row. , Still in use, not only the brakes are wasteful of power, but the brakes are not good. In order to save money, some people just replace the brake pads. In fact, the "brake discs" are also worn. Normally, the internal brake discs are flat. If the bumps are uneven, please Replace the brake assembly!

The parts of the electric scooter are broken, how to repair it?

3. Charger. The charger is a part suitable for battery charging. After a long time of use, heating, burning of the circuit board, discoloration of components, deformation of the casing... many unfavorable factors have a certain adverse effect on the battery, even if a small original is damaged, repair The other originals will have new failures soon after good use, the originals are aging, the circuit board is aging, and the charger should be replaced. If the battery is broken because the charger is broken, it will be too much for the loss!

4. Front wheel hub ring. Due to the wear of the bearing, the abnormal noise is heard and the bearing is not repaired in time, the bearing "clams", the force is uneven, the wheel hub is mostly aluminum ring, the damage of the bearing, it is easy to cause the outer circle of the bearing to wear, that is, the outer circle of the bearing is stuck. "The "socket" of the bearing is crooked, and it will rattle. Even if it can be used on the thin iron "can", it will cause the bearings on both sides to lose concentricity, and the bearing will break quickly! If the outer circle of the ring is worn, it is best to replace the front ring. The bearing will not last long after changing the bearing!

5. Front shock absorber. The shock absorber slows down the vibration of the whole vehicle. After a long time of compression and rebound, it will leak oil, reduce the "elasticity" performance, and even cause deformation due to collision. If the deformation is reset by smashing, the rigidity will be weakened, and the shock absorber will even be flattened. Even more, riding in one direction "turning" will bring danger to riding.

6. Front fork. Also called pressure bearing, its main function is to control the dexterity of turning and better control the steering. Users who are struggling to turn will refuel and continue riding if they feel difficult to turn. In fact, your pressure bearing is broken, and refueling can't solve it. Yes, continuing to ride will damage the front fork. In case of wear and load injury, it will be too late to regret!

The editor of PXID scooter design company warmly reminds: once you find a problem, repair it or replace it in time, and don't bring safety hazards to yourself and others.