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The e-bike spot check pass rate is 90%. Is your “mount” qualified?

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According to the mandatory national standard (GB 17761-2018) of the "E-bike Safety Technical Specifications", the unqualified items are mainly concentrated in the speed limit, the speed prompt sound, and the quality of the whole vehicle. There are a total of 3 items. Among them, the vehicle speed limit, the vehicle speed prompt sound test item unqualified problem is the most prominent. The random inspection of 11 cities in Shanxi Province involved 80 brands, and the total number of random inspections was 100 batches. Among them, 90 batches were qualified and 10 batches were unqualified, with a failure rate of 10%.

The electric bicycle spot check test involves 9 items, including speed limit, braking performance (dry state), vehicle quality, structure, speed prompt sound, water wading performance, electrical installations, chargers and batteries, fire protection performance.

Common unqualified items and hazards of electric vehicles:

1. Vehicle speed limit: Too fast a vehicle speed will increase the front braking force, which will easily lead to the risk of braking failure, sideslip and forward rollover. It can seriously cause the main structure such as the frame and the front fork to increase the load and break. It poses a serious threat to the personal safety of cyclists.

2. Speed prompt sound: It is mainly designed by the industrial design company to prompt the speed of the electric bicycle in time to ensure the safety of riding.

3. The quality of the whole vehicle: the weight of electric bicycles is restricted, the purpose is to reduce the degree of harm from traffic accidents. At the same time, it is also to curb the trend of electric bicycles.

The e-bike spot check pass rate is 90%. Is your "mount" qualified?

How to buy a qualified electric bicycle?

1. Look for the CCC certification mark

3C certification is implemented simultaneously with the new national standard for electric bicycles. When buying electric bicycles, you should choose electric bicycle brands with CCC certification marks.

2. Brand selection

Among the same types of products, choose a brand of electric bicycles with a high reputation and good reputation. Big brands with a good reputation have relatively better product quality and more mature after-sales service, which is relatively secure for consumers.

3. Choose according to evaluation

When consumers buy electric bicycles online, they can learn more about the product's user reviews, so as to have a more comprehensive understanding of the quality of the products to be purchased.

4. Keep the proof of purchase

When consumers purchase goods, remember to keep good proof of purchase, such as invoices, shopping receipts, and product details. If product quality problems are found in the course of use, they can report or complain to the market supervision department and consumer associations.