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Which is the best tire for electric scooter? Tubeless tyres or guts?

pxid 2021-03-01 117 times

As one of the important parts of electric scooters, tires play an important role in the daily use of electric scooters. Its quality is related to the safety of driving. However, when many electric scooter users choose electric scooter tires, they often encounter difficulties, that is, do not know whether to choose tubeless tires or guts? About this question,
The editor of PXID Electric Scooter Design Company will give you the answer.

Let's start with the guts tires, this is the most common ordinary tire, which has inner and outer tires. The advantages are obvious, the installation is convenient and the price is low, and the repair is also more convenient. However, this type of tire has poor wear resistance and is easy to break. Once the tyre is broken, it will immediately become discouraged and unable to ride, and maintenance personnel will need to come to repair. Here is a reminder for everyone, that is, if your electric scooter's tire is broken and the distance is far, you must not go to the repair shop by yourself, because this operation is likely to cause the tire to wear out.

Which is the best tire for electric scooter? Tubeless tyres or guts?

Tubeless tires do not have inner tubes, and are generally made of high-quality rubber. Compared with guts, it has better stability and easier heat dissipation. In addition, it has better abrasion resistance and is not easy to be pierced. Of course, its safety is better. Generally speaking, if the tubeless tyre is broken, it will not immediately be discouraged, allowing users to ride to the repair shop by themselves. However, tubeless tires also have their own shortcomings, that is, the price is several times that of guts, and the repair price is higher than that of guts.

In fact, from the comparison of tubeless tyres and biliary tyres, tubeless tyres are better than bilious tyres in overall performance. Although their price is relatively high, considering safety, tubeless tyres must be preferred.

Finally, there are a few reminders, whether it is a tubeless tire or a guts tire, in the daily driving process of the electric scooter, we must pay attention to avoid walking on the uneven road as much as possible. In addition, try to keep the tire pressure around 350kpa.