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How many of these achievements in cycling life have you completed?

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In the heart of every cyclist, riding has a different meaning. It may be a kind of life perception, or a self-breakthrough, or a kind of growth temper, but no matter what attitude it appears in people In his life, it is a kind of health. As a cyclist who loves cyclists, how many of the following related riding achievements have you completed?

1. Own a car

Riding, of course, you must own a car that belongs to you only, whether it is a mountain bike, a road bike, a folding scooter or a smart balance bike, it doesn’t have to be expensive, and you don’t need to get everyone It’s recognized, but you understand all its advantages and disadvantages, and it can also provide you with a good ride.

2. Make 35 like-minded friends

It has nothing to do with income and work. It may be just a chance encounter on cycling, or an acquaintance in a group of riders actively communicating about a certain issue. You first understand each other’s thoughts and preferences, and then get to know each other’s name. You don’t want anything, just Talking freely while riding, such a friend will surely be able to taste something different.

3. a trip that just walks away

Go with your sex, go with your heart, and take a leisurely journey without too much planning and not influenced by others’ opinions. Whether you want to take a quiet look at the scenery, or feel the special meaning of cycling and even life, Or is there no reason, just want to ride on the road, anytime, anywhere, you can start this trip. Naturally, the end is so casual!

How many of these achievements in cycling life have you completed?

4. night ride

No matter how busy the day is, when night falls, meet three or five friends, ride your car freely, brush the streets leisurely, and connect some special local attractions in series, which will surely heal the fatigue of the whole day. Of course, don’t forget to equip your car with lights, headlights, knee pads, etc., and try to ride on familiar and safe sections as much as possible.

5. in the same room with the car

When you go out for a ride, go with your car. If you leave your car outside the door when you go home, wouldn't it be lonely? Have you tried to bring it into the room, and wake up every morning, can you see it at first sight?

6. go cycling with your beloved Ta

Riding with someone you like is a completely different experience to ride with riders. You need to test your ability to persuade, as well as route planning, novice guidance, and so on. Of course, if you have a partner who is willing to ride with you, please remember one sentence: do it and cherish it.

7. Take public transportation with your car

Take public transportation such as buses, subways, and cars with your car to make up for the lack of flexibility of large-scale public transportation. Of course, this is only when you have a foldable scooter and smart balance car. Can be achieved.

8. Become PXID

If you talk about fun and practicality, you must get involved with an electric scooter and electric car series from PXID Industrial Design Company.

There are ultra-light portable mini small electric vehicles that can be folded intelligently with one button, a 10-inch off-road smart balance bike, and stylish and cool scooters. Of course, great user reviews are indispensable!