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Tips for balancing car maintenance, these five points must be known first

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Nowadays, people travel in various ways, such as cars, buses, subways, bicycles, etc., but they more or less have some drawbacks, such as traffic jams, bulky and difficult to carry. The new generation of transportation tool balance car solves this problem.

Take the PXID industrial design company's balance car as an example. It is very light and easy to carry, and it is a car when you lay it down, so you can travel without fear of peak periods. But the balance bike is easy to use, and you have to take good care of it. If it goes on strike, it's not just a loss of money. How much do you know about these tips for maintaining a balance car to easily extend the life of the car? Today I will tell you a few tips on maintaining a balance scooter.

1. Cleaning and precautions

Balance bikes often travel, and it is common for the body to get dirty. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the balance car frequently. The first is to clean up the stones and branches or glass slag stuck on the tires, and then to perform an all-round cleaning of the fuselage to remove dust and stains. But when cleaning up dust and stains, you must not soak it in liquid. It is best to wipe it with clean water and a cloth. Either do not add detergent or choose a special balance car. The detergent you buy will react chemically with the body of the balance car and corrode the body. Of course, when cleaning the balance car, it must be powered off.

2. Placement environment

When the balance car is not used daily, it should be wiped clean, at least to wipe off the water. After drying the water, place it in a dry and ventilated place, which can effectively prevent the small parts on the balance car from rusting and damp. Not only that, the main control board and battery in a closed environment will also be damaged by rising tides, shortening the life of the balance car. In addition, do not place it in a place that is particularly cold or where the temperature is higher than 60 degrees, such as a balcony in summer. Under the sun's rays, the temperature rises quickly, which will easily cause the explosion and loss of the battery and cause safety hazards.

3. Wheel maintenance

The wheel is a very important part of the balance bike. In addition to ensuring its cleanliness, it is also necessary to always pay attention to whether the tires need to be inflated. There are currently two types of tires on the market. One type of vacuum tires, represented by the Xiaomi Mi 9 balance car, has the following advantages. The safety factor is high. The rechargeable pneumatic tires will be more stable and smooth and not easy to puncture when crossing the bumpy road. . Pneumatic tires are similar to the tires we see every day, and the air leaks become flat. Air leakage will not only slow down the movement, but will also be more likely to be punctured by sharp objects, and the risk of a puncture will be higher, so if there is a leakage, you must inflate in time. Always pay attention to whether the tires are loose, and shake the tires along the direction of the tire axis. If they are loose, you need to check whether the car is a screw. This is a problem related to travel safety. You must be careful.

Tire wear is inevitable, no matter how well maintained, it will be scrapped. When tires are irreversibly damaged, they must be replaced in time to ensure safe travel. At the same time, check whether the wear degree of the two tires is the same. If the difference is too large, it is recommended to replace them. After wear, the friction of the two wheels will be different. If they are not replaced, the speed of the two wheels will be different and it will be difficult to balance.

Tips for balancing car maintenance, these five points must be known first

4. Battery maintenance

The battery is the power of the balance car, and the maintenance of the battery should be paid attention to. In addition to ensuring that the battery is not too cold and not exposed to the sun, it is also necessary to pay attention to the details of charging. The original original equipment is the best, so it is best to use the original charger instead of replacing it privately. If the original charger fails, buy the charger under the guidance of professionals.

When charging, make sure that there is no water in the charging port to prevent conduction and damp. At the same time, do not charge for a long time, according to the instructions, unplug the plug when fully charged. When using it for the first time, remember to fully charge it before cutting off the power supply. In addition, the environment where the balance car is placed should not be too cold or too hot, dry and ventilated.

5. Travel considerations

When using a balance car to travel, in addition to the car's own factors, the user's own balance should try to put the center of gravity on the center of the car's center of gravity, so that the force on the feet is even, which is beneficial to the balance maintenance of the car body. Also, it is not recommended to use in places with large slopes. Not only is it difficult to ride, it is easy to fall and cause unsafe accidents, but the slope is too large to cause high damage to the wheels. At the same time, the belly of the balance bike with a low chassis and chassis will be on the road. Rub up, easy to wear, shorten the life span or cause unsafe accidents. Therefore, when encountering a road with a slope greater than 15 degrees, it is recommended to carry the car forward.

The balance scooter needs to be sent to the repair point regularly for maintenance to ensure a longer service life. Even if it is well maintained, it will be worn out. When the wear is serious, pay attention to replace it. Balanced car travel does solve a big problem. It can be used as a travel tool or as a toy. When purchasing, it is recommended that you choose a large brand of industrial design company and a guaranteed business. This is conducive to later maintenance. Worries.