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Do electric scooters have the right of way?

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Nowadays, many people like to use electric scooters to commute to and from get off work for convenience, speed or fashion. However, when electric scooters shuttle on the road, it violates current laws and regulations, and also poses great safety hazards.

Electric scooter hits a person and bears criminal responsibility

The defendant Zheng violated relevant road traffic regulations by operating a prohibited electric scooter on the road and sliding along the motor vehicle lane. Zheng did not stop because his eyes entered the sand, so he continued to slide. He accidentally ran into the victim Mr. Chen while passing the crosswalk, causing him to land on the back of his head. Mr. Chen was admitted to the hospital and died. According to judicial identification, the victim, Mr. Chen, fell after the collision and caused head injury, resulting in death of central respiratory and circulatory dysfunction. Finally, in accordance with Article 233, Paragraph 1 of Article 67, Paragraph 1 of Article 72, Paragraph 2 and Paragraph 3 of Article 73, and Article 73 of the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China. According to the provisions of Article 64, the defendant Zheng was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment for the crime of causing death by negligence. The black second-round tools for crimes shall be confiscated.

Violation of the signal light and injury shall bear equal responsibility for the accident

When the plaintiff, Mr. Chen, passed through a certain intersection, he encountered the defendant, Mr. Fan, who was driving a small car and passed there. The plaintiff, Mr. Chen, violated the signal lights and used a taxiing tool, causing the plaintiff himself to rub against the defendant Mr. Fan's vehicle, resulting in his own injury, damage to the defendant Mr. Fan's vehicle, and damage to his taxiing tool. After identification, the plaintiff, Mr. Chen, constituted two injuries, and demanded that the defendant, Mr. Fan, compensate for medical expenses, nutrition, hospital food subsidies, disability compensation, lost work expenses, nursing expenses, transportation expenses, disability assistive devices, and mental damage comfort. gold. The traffic control department determined that when the defendant, Mr. Fan, drove a car to a certain intersection, he encountered the plaintiff riding an electric scooter to pass here. The plaintiff was injured because the plaintiff violated the traffic lights and used taxis and the defendant did not pay enough attention to Mr. Fan. The defendant Mr. Fan was injured. The vehicle is damaged. The plaintiff Mr. Chen and the defendant Mr. Fan bear equal responsibility for the accident.

Do electric scooters have the right of way?

The collision is fully responsible for the compensation of all the victims' losses

The plaintiff stated: I was riding an electric bicycle on a slow road, and suddenly I was violently rammed by the defendant riding an electric scooter behind, and I was injured as a result. After the accident, the defendant disregarded my dissuasion and moved my electric car and his scooter away from the place. After the traffic police arrived, the defendant was found to be fully responsible. After that, I was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. After diagnosis, I had a rib fracture and multiple soft tissue contusions. The doctor recommended hospitalization. After repeated negotiations, the defendant reluctantly paid a deposit of 5,000 yuan for the hospitalization. Subsequent examination revealed a fracture of my left patella and bullae on both sides of the lung, but the defendant refused to pay the follow-up expenses. When he was discharged from the hospital, the defendant took away all the refunded deposits of more than 2,400 yuan, and only a few hundred yuan were left for me under my repeated requests. Due to multiple fractures and soft tissue contusions, sleeping is difficult, sleeping pills are required, and immunity is greatly reduced. The defendant’s behavior constituted an infringement on me, and the defendant was required to apologize and compensate 10,000 yuan for nutrition and 10,000 yuan for mental damage. In this accident, the traffic control department determined that the electric bicycle that the plaintiff was riding was different from the electric scooter that the defendant was riding, and the plaintiff fell and was injured. The defendant bears full responsibility, and the plaintiff is not.

Driving a scooter and being hit by a drunk driver also bears secondary responsibility

In January of this year, when the defendant, Mr. Rui, was driving along a motorway while he was drunk while holding an overweight driver’s license, the front right of the car hit Zhu, who was using an electric scooter in the same direction in front of the motorway, causing Zhu to be injured. The hospital died on the same day. Rui Mou drove away after the incident. The traffic police department determined that the defendant Rui took the main responsibility for the accident and Zhu took the secondary responsibility for the accident.

PXID industrial design company reminds: electric scooters do not have the right of way

Electric scooters do not have the right of way. They can only be used for entertainment in some communities or public places, parks, and closed roads for entertainment. They cannot be used as a means of transportation. Article 74 of the "Implementation Regulations on Road Traffic Safety of the People's Republic of China" stipulates: "Pedestrians shall not have the following behaviors: (1) Use skateboards, roller skates and other sliding tools on the road." Therefore, it is illegal to drive electric scooters and balance vehicles on any public road, including roads, motorized vehicle lanes, non-motorized vehicle lanes, and sidewalks. If there is an illegal act, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China, a warning or a fine of not less than RMB 5 and not more than RMB 50 may be imposed. In addition, the current electric scooters and balance bikes on the market are different from ordinary bicycles. Some do not have accelerators and brakes and rely solely on the control of the cyclist's body tilt. If the control is not good, it is easy to fall. Some electric scooters themselves are of substandard quality. In addition, cyclists have a weak sense of traffic safety. They often encounter illegal phenomena such as occupying motor lanes, changing lanes at will, turning around, running red lights, etc., which can easily cause traffic accidents and hinder them. The normal passage of other vehicles has affected the orderly and smooth flow of road traffic.