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Three ways to extend the life of electric scooter motors, you deserve it!

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The electric motor of an electric scooter is usually installed on the rear wheel of an electric scooter. The electric motor converts the electric energy stored in the battery into mechanical energy, so that the rear wheel rotates and drives the vehicle to travel, just like The human heart, whether an electric scooter can run, depends on the motor, so it "beats" steadily and powerfully, and the electric scooter runs more powerfully!

If the motor is working for a long time or with a high load, a large amount of heat will be generated inside the motor and the internal temperature will rise sharply, which will have two consequences. Too high temperature will demagnetize the motor, the efficiency of the motor will decrease, the power of the electric scooter will decrease, and the power consumption will be fast. The pressure difference generated after the motor is cooled will press the external water vapor and dust into the motor through various smile gaps. Water will appear in the motor for many years, which will also cause the motor to retreat and consume quickly.

How to protect the motor and extend the service life of the motor?

Three ways to extend the life of electric scooter motors, you deserve it!

1. Don't overload driving

Once the electric scooter is overloaded, it may cause the motor and circuit to overload and heat, affect the service life, and seriously cause the motor to be damaged immediately.

2. Do not wading

In order to avoid the magnetic retreat caused by the water entering the motor, avoid wading while driving, and do not let the water surface exceed the position of the rear wheel center axis.

3. Regularly go to the after-sales service station for maintenance and testing

You can check the fastening status of the motor and the rear flat fork. If you find that the screws are loose, please go to the service station of the scooter design company for maintenance and fastening.

As one of the three important components of electric scooters, the motor has always been in a neglected position. As long as the car can run, it will not go to regularly check the car. Therefore, the editor hereby appeals to all car owners, for the safety of you and others, please go to the service station of the industrial design company for maintenance and inspection of your car regularly.