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How does the balance wheel keep balance?

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With the development of the economy and the improvement of material life, people are beginning to pay more and more attention to health. Whether it is the elderly or the salaried population, these two words are inseparable in daily life. But in order to maintain a healthy body, diet is one aspect, and more importantly, proper exercise is required. The emergence of smart balance cars has brought convenience to people's lives, and in the eyes of consumers, balance cars are so attractive. PXID industrial design balance scooter is stylish and lightweight design, guards freely, free shuttle, unimpeded, deeply loved and sought after by mainstream people. So when we are riding a balance bike, how do we properly maintain balance?

1. We need to adjust the direction of travel by adjusting the front and back of the body's center of gravity. The body leans forward, leans backward, and stands steady. This is the principle of balance bike movement. The balance bike is similar to the plank treadball we have played before, but the balance bike is much taller.

2. The balance car is improved on the basis of a unicycle and driven by a motor, which is the same as the balance controlled by a gyroscope. Tilt your body forward to start. Speed is controlled by the degree of inclination of the body, lean forward if you want to accelerate, and lean backward if you slow down.

How does the balance wheel keep balance?

3. When we are on the balance car, the two wheels of the balance car replace our feet, and the body is like a steering wheel. The car body is very similar to the body's balance system. When our center of gravity is tilted forward, the intelligent system will automatically sense and accurately drive the wheels to move forward. In this way, the balance is maintained and the balance car moves forward.

4. The working principle of the balance car is called the "dynamic balance" principle; sometimes it is also called the "somatosensory car" because it can sense the change of the body's center of gravity and change the driving state due to the change of the driver's posture; sometimes it is also called It is called a "thinking car" because it can intelligently sense the change of the user's center of gravity, and is as intelligent as a robot.

5. The balance car needs power supply during the driving process, which saves electricity. It is safe and convenient because it can rely on the human body to move during the driving process.

The editor tells you so much, I don’t know how much I know, the PXID industrial design company balance car, intelligent energy-saving, environmentally friendly and low-carbon, does not produce any polluting gas, does not cause harm to human health, and does not cause harm. With the development of the market in recent years, its cool appearance, lightness and flexibility have been loved by many consumers, and it is also called the "artifact of transportation". Friends who live in first-tier cities will face the current situation of traffic congestion and travel difficulties. Having a balance car also solves the distress of crowding buses and subways every day.