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Why are 12Ah batteries more prone to problems than 20Ah batteries?

pxid 2021-02-24 164 times

Why usually 12Ah batteries for electric scooters are more prone to problems than 20Ah batteries? In fact, it is caused by different installation methods. The 12Ah battery generally uses the pole welding method, which is different from the 20Ah battery installation method using screws.

Why are 12Ah batteries more prone to problems than 20Ah batteries?

Although the industrial design company has fully guaranteed the operability and safety when designing the pole welding, some external factors, such as the irregular installation (the solder gun stays too long and the color glue cracks), the quality of the solder, and the wire The pros and cons, etc., coupled with the excessive pursuit of the explosive power of electric scooters by the market, the electric scooters manufacturers adopt higher-power motors, which caused the phenomenon of excessive current when used, and excessive current would cause local temperature. Too high, as the battery is the most affected, and because the pole itself is very thin and the overcurrent area is small, the probability of burning the pole is much higher than that of a 20Ah battery.