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How to install children’s scooter lifting buckle?

pxid 2021-02-24 154 times

Many of the new multifunctional children's scooters are equipped with lifting buckles. Many people don't know much about the lifting buckles of children's scooters. Now PXID Industrial Design Company will take you to find out.

How to install the lifting buckle on the pole?

The lifting buckles on common children's scooters are all made on aluminum alloy T-bars. They are often called "safety locks". Not only can they be used to fix the handles, they can be adjusted by gently pulling the lifting buckles and pulling out the handlebars. When it reaches a suitable height, push the lifting buckle back to fix it, and it can be used.

How to install the lifting buckle on the body?

How to install children's scooter lifting buckle?

The lifting buckle usually set on the car body is for aesthetics. It is often inlaid on the car body and is very practical for use on deformable children's scooters. It is difficult for ordinary people to detect this type of vehicle. For example, the position of the scooter is on the body of the scooter as shown in the figure below. The height is adjusted by pulling the lifting buckle out, pulling out the body to the desired height, and pressing the lifting buckle back. Up.

How to install the lifting buckle on the seat?

There is also a riding type for children's scooters. There is also a lifting device under the seat to adjust the height of the seat. Because of the position relationship, its design is the same as the lifting buckle on the body. In order to cause scratches and friction, it will choose the inlaid type. Pull out the seat and adjust it to a suitable height, then break it back and fix it.

PXID industrial design company warm reminder: children's scooter lifting buckle is very important, choosing a good quality car can avoid accidents. Do not push the lifting button of the children's scooter too hard, the models with weak connection are easy to break