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Why choose PXID electric scooter?

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With the rise of intelligent electric transportation tools, scooters are becoming more and more indispensable in life. Whether it is to follow the trend or to facilitate life, you need to pay attention to many details when buying a car. After all, the car is bought for riding. , Often the more details determine success or failure, let's take a look at the details that need our attention.

Choice of battery life

Presumably, most people care about battery life when buying a car. The main driving force of an electric car comes from the battery, so when buying a car, you must pay attention to the car's battery. The battery must not be ignored. Therefore, the electric scooter of PXID Industrial Design Company uses a large number of batteries to ensure safety, and the battery life will be longer.

Questions about lighting

Why choose PXID electric scooter?

When driving outside, it is inevitable that there will be night riding or riding in a dark environment. Our PXID industrial design company electric scooter is equipped with night LED headlights on the front of the body to ensure that you can see when driving at night. Clear the road, the colorful marquee design on both sides of the bottom of the car pedal, let you regain your attention. Smart taillights are also designed at the rear of the body, which can light up when braking or turning, greatly improving the safety of riding.

On the issue of slip resistance

Special attention should be paid to anti-skid during driving. Our motors use high-power motors, so that when climbing, the climbing is stronger and the power is stronger. The pattern on the motor allows you to Increase friction when driving, and stick anti-skid strips especially intimately on the pedals. Such an intimate and comprehensive electric scooter not only adds safety, but also makes the riding experience smoother.

To choose a scooter according to your needs, but also to understand the relevant details of the electric scooter, choose a scooter that you like!