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Are you really ready for scooter winter sports?

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Riding a scooter is an aerobic exercise suitable for winter. Riding a scooter is simple and fun. It can also enhance resistance, prevent disease, and hone will. But in cold weather will increase the complexity of the exercise. The following are some tips for sliding in cold weather prepared by the editor of PXID Industrial Design Company, to ensure that you are as safe as possible while sliding.

Tips for sliding in cold weather

1. Check the weather

Before going out, check the weather and environmental conditions in the area where you are going to taxi. At the same time, check the weather on the return journey in advance to facilitate the choice of dress. In some cold areas, icy roads can form overnight, and two-wheeled vehicles are very unpleasant on this surface. So if you are going out early, you must be very careful. Don't forget to bring gloves, scarves, and helmets! If you want to make a snowman, you can exchange it with a scooter~

2. Choose shoes carefully

Winter is not a time of demeanor but not temperature, you must choose the most comfortable pair of shoes when you go out for sliding. Consider training shoes/flat-soled hiking shoes/outdoor walking shoes to gain extra grip, stand firmly on the pedals, and reduce accidents caused by slippery rain and snow.

Are you really ready for scooter winter sports?

3. Try different routes

Make an estimate before you leave. Could the road you usually walk on might freeze today? Is there a better alternative route? When the low-lying part of the road is icy, pedestrians can easily pass by on foot, but this is not so easy for your scooter. The small icy puddle is very dangerous for the skater and is easy to slip. The manhole cover and terrain changes are also prone to unexpected changes with the weather, which also need to be taken into consideration.

4. Take your time and don’t worry

Slow down the car and allow a little more time for the journey, so that children can play a "treasure hunt" to slow them down. When braking, please lightly step on the brake. When you want to get out of the car and walk, leave a little more time when you stop and when you slow down.

5. Regular inspection

It is a good idea to check the vehicles-especially the brake parts-regularly to check that they are clean and work properly. Before setting off, check the scooter carefully and prepare it for your journey.

6. Ensure visibility

When the sky starts to darken, or you leave school later than usual for extracurricular activities, make sure you can be seen on the taxiing road. A car bell and a car light are both a small start to ensure safety, and small parts can also add extra safety to the journey.

The above are a few safety tips for traveling in cold, rainy and snowy weather. Take one more step before traveling to add another layer of protection for safety!