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This is the most emotional electric bike I have ever ridden. Do you have the guts to play it?

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Whether in the car circle or the motorcycle, pleasure is bound to be the trend for enthusiasts to show the personality of the car! If I tell you: The thrill of this electric car from PXID Industrial Design has conquered many players. This, you really don't believe it.

Cool and extraordinary, the overall performance is amazing. Different from traditional electric vehicles, the appearance gives people a refreshing feeling, and the stylish body of traditional electric vehicles does not reduce any maneuverability. It can be said that there is a relationship between maneuverability and overall performance and fashionable appearance. Perfect balance, outstanding texture, cool and simple.

It is simple and comfortable to travel with, and the seat can be installed and removed, giving you a different riding experience. You can walk in the wind like a scooter, and you can sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery as you go; different ways, different excitement, you are the unique focus on the road.

Design is the collision and fusion of dream and reality a million times. PXID design team injects the spirit of pursuing quality and pursuing extreme wisdom into the product. The determination of every design line, every selected component, and every material is the team's hundreds and thousands of attempts at no cost until it is satisfied.

The exquisite details are stunning. The PXID team has integrated the spirit of craftsmanship into every detail of the design. More than 200 parts and components, as large as a visible seat, as small as an invisible screw, are devoted to the PXID team’s artistic and perfection. Pursuit, it is this spirit that makes every part of the electric car body not only an industrial product, but also a life infused with soul.

This is the most emotional electric bike I have ever ridden. Do you have the guts to play it?

The trend is to be different. The widened anti-skid pedals are enlarged, and the widened pedals use special effects to increase the coefficient of friction and make anti-skid more effective. The tread design of the pedal fully increases the coefficient of friction. The rubber non-slip material is used, which is moderately soft and has a certain shock absorption effect. At the same time, the anti-slip effect is good. It provides the rider with better safety protection, more comfortable and safer, and makes you trustworthy !

The new shock absorber makes the driving experience amazing. The most amazing thing about PXID is the perfect driving experience. The driving experience has always been the biggest shortcoming of traditional electric vehicles. PXID adopts a new shock absorber system that allows the entire car seat to be suspended above the double spring shock absorber. , Coupled with the hydraulic shock absorber of the vehicle in front, the shock absorber system composed of the hydraulic pressure of the whole vehicle and the spring shock absorber, offset 82% of the vibration from the ground, even if you are driving in uneven mountains, it will make you feel Driving is a pleasure!

The motor and battery are the core of the vehicle, and the customized brushless motor is matched with a ternary lithium battery with greater energy density. It is endowed with super fast speed, high torque, energy conversion rate as high as 89%, longer endurance, power on call, more power saving, and longer running.

An electric car with excellent overall performance can definitely make you a trendy traveler in the city! Does an electric car need so much more sincerity? Our answer is yes. For the PXID industrial design company team, riding is a hobby and dream that has been cherished for many years, and now it has become a life-long career.